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    So nobody thinks Rowan can work on a girl? Sad face..even Maya doesn't love this one and she is 6..
    Rowan Aurora? That's girly..

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    What names DO go with Maya? Besides the ones I listed..maybe I just need new ideas to throw at my bf..he has shot down some of my faves...

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    A sister for Maya Isobel

    Hi and it is wonderful that he has a Finnish name because then we can go to town and choose some wonderful Scandinavian names.

    Here are some comments on the names you have chosen and not in connection as a sibling name which may change my view.

    Is popularity an issue for you if so the following names are out:

    Ruby, Violet and Zoe (who is also slightly dated) better to choose Chloe instead.

    I would only put Rowan in the middle name spot as your first daughter has a beautifully soft and pretty feminine name.

    Lola Lola is a good choice either as a full name or as a nn for Penelope. She is a modern girl with lots of energy and personality

    Dahlia A pretty flower but a hard name to get right if you think the sound is dar lee ah, not dale ya. I prefer Magnolia.

    Delilah This is becoming more popular despite its biblical reputation and it is a pretty name and as a nickname Lilah is a delightful is somewhat popular.

    India I like it paired with something like Clementine and this has the modern vintage feel to it which is lovely

    Hazel Another pretty name that is gaining in popularity and I see her as a cool, calm and collected young lady.

    Alice A beautiful name that is now rising in popularity and is a great choice.

    Sage Pleasant but a little more suited in my opinion as a middle name.

    Phoebe A beautiful name that would pair well with a sister named Alice.

    Sasha I like Sasha spelt only as Sacha, but I do feel that the full name of Alexandra is much more substantial and indeed a wonderful name and the nn of Sacha is lovely.


    Linnea Rose
    Alexandra Katherine
    Katarina Rowan
    Elin Annabel
    Anya Elizabeth
    Anneke Ruby


    Bear is one of those names that one has to be very brave and sure of to use for your baby boy's name. Why not go with a name that means bear?

    I did a little research on Finnish names and these are ones that I felt may be a good fit.

    The first one is the Finnish word for polar bear which is Jaakarku so my interpretation of that word would be the English boy's name of Jake which would fit well with a long Finnish surname.

    Kari I have always liked this name it has such charm and it means pure.

    Matti Of course this is the Finnish name for Matthew and it is very cute a lovely choice.

    Levi Spelt with two "e's" in Finland and a good fit as it is trendy and short

    Arne (or Aarne) another charming name, very manly and has the great meaning of eagle power.

    Then there is the Finnish version of Elijah spelt as Eljas but I would translate that to Elias or Eli for you.

    I can't leave out this version of Alexander, it is Aleksi, always handsome and known by everyone a true winner imo

    Frederick is becoming more popular these days and the Finnish version is Fredrik

    Last but not least is Jaako which of course is the Finnish version of Jacob or you could use Jack.

    A favourite name of mine is last Harry spelt as Harri in Finland.

    (btw I love Finland I visited there last year)

    Bodhi This is the name of the headland that I look at everyday, I feel that it is very hippy sounding

    Ronan I love this name! Me too, gorgeous (Ronan Keating)

    Rufus He is too rough and ready for my taste

    Miles You have the best name ever (my son's name)

    Oscar A fitting name for a European and literary theme

    Jasper Handsome and a good choice
    Levi I just got him to let me add this one I have already commented above on Levi

    I think Sven Oliver would make a good combo

    Looking forward to your views on my suggestions.

    Psalm 23

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    Rowan- Like this for both boy and girl - can be made more feminine with a distinctly female mn.
    Lola - Not a fan, prefer Lily/Layla alternatives.
    Ruby - Like, but getting quite popular.
    Dahlia - Nice, not my favourite on the list.
    Delilah - I personally love this!
    Violet - Love this too, my friend's daughter is named this is she is super cute!
    Zoe - Ok, I prefer the spelling, Zooey.
    India - Like this and the nn Indi.
    Hazel - Ok, not a massive fan.
    Alice - Love this!
    Sage - I really like this but would only use it as a middle name.
    Phoebe- Like this too.
    Sasha I like it spelled Sascha - I prefer this as a boys name to be honest.
    Isabel - a bit over it at the moment I personally know heaps of Isabel's ranging from birth to school age (so I wouldn't go there - especially as your first daughter's name is more on the uncommon side).

    Bear - Not a favourite, maybe as a middle name I could like it.
    Bodhi - Not a fan.
    Ronan I love this name! - I love this too!
    Rufus - Again not a fan.
    Miles - Love this, especially the cute nn Milo.
    Oscar - Like this too.
    Jasper - Like this.
    Levi I just got him to let me add this one - I don't hate it, but I don't really like it either.
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    Rowan - I prefer Rowena for girls, probably because most of the Rowans I know are boys.
    Lola - I can't get past the Lolita association for this name.
    Ruby - Adore this name! <3
    Dahlia - I also like this name, but it's not my favorite flower name.
    Delilah - Gorgeous name, but be prepared for your grandmother to faint. Mine about had a coronary just because I mentioned it in passing
    Violet - I feel like this name is getting a lot of attention right now, which makes it a no no for me. Pretty much if my husband suggests it, it's too popular. haha.
    Zoe - This name is a bit old school. Like early 2000s. I like it, but I much prefer Zoey. It feels more complete to me.
    India - I do not understand the attraction to this name, I've seen it on a lot of list recently. Just not that pretty to me.
    Hazel - I love with this name. <3
    Alice - I can't decide if I like Allison or Alice better. I think if I were to ever use it (which I can't, my niece is called Alice Mae) I'd name her Allison and call her Alice.
    Sage - I prefer spice names like Ginger and Saffron to Sage, but it's still cute.
    Phoebe - LOVE this name. If you can get past the Hey Arnold! and Friends references, that is.
    Sasha I like it spelled Sascha. I have one daughter already and her name is Maya Isabel - I think Sascha and Maya make a lovely sib-set.


    Bear I had a post on this before and it would be his first name..not a nickname - I'm sorry but no. I can't imagine a CEO named Bear. IMHO a name like that will hold him back.. unless his life long aspiration is to be a lumberjack...
    Bodhi - Not a fan of this name, it looks totally made up. I prefer Bowen of Boden.
    Ronan - It's a good Irish name. Also to consider; Rogan, Brogan, Riordan, Torrin, and Calix.
    Rufus - If you're american prepare for endless dog jokes.
    Miles - I like it, but it's sort of gaining speed if that sort of thing bothers you.
    Oscar - I have two not so great images of Oscar; Oscar the Grouch and the smelly, jobless, moocher off of Hey Arnold!. However, it is a lovely name with a rich history
    Jasper - Blech. So tired of this name even if you're not considering it after reading Twilight.
    Levi - Awesome name. Also to consider: Liam, Ezra, Collin.
    Soren - I actually really like this name, because of a book actually.
    Simon - This name might not be a good choice because of the recent rehashing of Alvin and the Chipmunks in pop culture, but yet again, if that sort of thing doesn't bother you.
    Alistair - For some reason I picture an old man, which isn't a bad thing. But it's what I see in my head.
    Oliver - Like it, it's gaining steam, but not an obnoxious amount or anything. I think it's more of an 'in theory' popular name.
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