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    Smile please pick apart my list..i need some help BERRY MUCH!

    Hello Berries....I need help the following list are names that my boyfriend agree on so far..I would like some middle name help and for you to generally pick apart what is good and what is not so good...suggestions are totally welcome..
    He has a pretty tough last is finnish and 4 syllables and starts with N.some of the names seem incomplete on their own.
    Ok here we go

    Rowan- my absolute favorite name
    Sasha I like it spelled Sascha. I have one daughter already and her name is Maya Isabel


    Bear I had a post on this before and it would be his first name..not a nickname
    Ronan I love this name!
    Levi I just got him to let me add this one
    Other favorites of mine that I can't get him to agree on are Soren,Simon,Alistair
    Also Oliver
    Thanks Berries! I really appreciate your help..just be honest even if its brutal..I will not be offended I swear


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    I really like most of the names on your lists! For that reason, it would be easier to just mention the ones I'm not crazy about lol. That includes Bear (its just not meant for humans!), Oscar (some other Berries love it, and I think its alright but at the same time... still grouchy to me), Rufus (Rufus the dufus teasing seems inevitable). For girls, I really think most of your names are stunning and go nicely with Maya! Rowan isn't bad, but I think there are other names that go better with Maya from your list. Also, I feel that if you used Sasha you would sort of be getting yourself into a pattern (short multi-cultural names that end in "a") and that might be problematic if you have another child.
    Cecilia + Daphne + Ronan + Henry

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    Rowan - Too masculine IMO. I like it for a boy.
    Lola - Don't like it. Too nicknamey.
    Ruby - Love it!
    Dahlia - Don't like most flower names. Really don't like this one.
    Delilah - I used to hate this name because of that song, but it's grown on me. A friend named his daughter this and she's adorable! BTW one of her sisters is Ruby :-)
    Violet - One of the few flowery names I kinda like.
    Zoe - Love it!
    India - Hate it. I don't like most well known place names (as in more known as a place than a name).
    Hazel - Love it!
    Alice - Like it.
    Sage - Don't like.
    Phoebe - Love it.
    Sasha/Sascha - It's ok. Not a huge fan but it's not terrible. I think I like it better on a boy though.


    Bear - No. Just no.
    Bodhi - I hate all the "bo" names. They sound like dog names or something to me.
    Ronan - Love it!
    Rufus - I don't like the sound of it.
    Miles - A good name, just NMS.
    Oscar - It's ok.
    Jasper - Really don't get the appeal of this name.
    Levi - Not bad.
    Soren - Love it!
    Simon - It's ok.
    Alistair - Meh.
    Oliver - Love it.

    Sorry if I was a tiny bit harsh but you wanted honesty ;-)

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    I'm going to say that Jasper and Soren stood out to me. Jasper is one of those names that I love, and not everyone can pull it off but with a last name that's "finnish and 4 syllables and starts with N" I bet it would work. And either name would be great with Maya. If you must use Bear, it could work as a middle name for sure.

    With the girls, I love Sascha Rowen and Phoebe Sage.

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    Rowan- it's nice, and if you love it so much you should consider it. I think it would bump into the last name though, and might be better as a middle for that reason.

    Lola - I really like Lola. Lola and Maya seem a natural pairing to me.
    Ruby - Ruby is cute, I could see it working for you. More vintage than Maya, but somehow I think they work.
    Dahlia - this is a beautiful name and one of my favorites.
    Delilah - I like this sound, however it seems like it might be getting long with your last name, and I personally haven't shaken the bad biblical associations, but I know most people have.
    Violet - it is a pleasing name that could work, however I find there is a lot of long I / eye sound in both daughters' names then
    Zoe - Very spunky and likeable and goes great with Maya. Love sisters Maya and Zoe.
    India - I adore this name, but I feel like it is very off-the-beaten-path compared to Maya, while together too, it sounds like too ancient might keep looking.
    Hazel - I really like Hazel, but it seems mismatched to Maya.
    Alice - similar reaction as to Hazel.
    Sage - I have just never cared for this name much, and don't like it paired with Maya.
    Phoebe - I adore this name and think it goes nicely with Maya.
    Sasha - it's all right - with a Finnish last name, I'd find a Russian-sounding first name a little culturally odd, I don't know if your husband does (I have Finnish heritage so don't get me wrong, I'm sure tons of people would think nothing of this, maybe your husband doesn't have a problem either).


    Bear - I think not.
    Bodhi - I really am bothered by this name, I'm trying to be tactful as you've said you are thick skinned (and also, I don't want to be rude to any readers who have a little Bodhi - once the baby's here, I chill out anyway : D - but honestly I find it to be trying to do so many things.
    Ronan - ooh, I like it, and I think it's better than Rowan for a girl. Still has the n problem, but, a good contender.
    Rufus - I adore this name, but have learned to back off from it since it does just seem to be asking for trouble.
    Miles - adore this. My favorite from your list.
    Oscar - I can get behind it, but do think it might be a little tricky to pull off...
    Jasper - like it, but seems to be bordering on a heavy trend if you care.
    Levi - very handsome name.
    Soren - I like it too, but the n's would bump, it sounds like sore, and again, with it being sometimes a Swedish name I feel there are odd cultural things with a Finnish last name.
    Simon - I like it too, but oh well if he doesn't, Miles or Ronan capture some of the feel and seem a better fit for you anyway.
    Oliver - love Oliver

    Here are a handful of Finnish names/names used in Finland I like:
    Eva (used as Eeva)
    Vera (used as Veera)

    There are some great boys ones too, but they are more out in left field so I'll leave you to look rather than trying to suggest. Well, I do love Otso, which reminds me of Oscar and means Bear, so I just have to suggest it.

    Good luck!

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