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Thread: Hakota?

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    I'm not expecting, but I've been an avid baby name lover since I was young and I have a question for you all!

    Last week, a new student sat in on one of my classes at school and when the teacher introduced him to the class, what she probably said was "Dakota" but I heard "Hakota". I instantly looooved the name, so when I got home I looked it up. As far as I know, Hakota isn't a legit first name. I DID find "Hakoda" with a 'D' instead of a 'T' as a Hawaiian surname, but I don't like it as much.

    Now, my question is first, what's your initial impression of the name Hakota.
    What do you think of it not being a known first name?
    And how would this look on a (future) very Irish child? My last name is very Irish and I am very pale with blondish red hair. When I picture a boy with the name Hakota, I see a Hawaiian or maybe a Native American. Very tan.

    Be honest! Thanks!

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    Hakota... I'm honestly not a fan, sorry. It seems like a smoosh between Dakota and "hakuna matata"... I guess he could go by Kota/Cody like a lot of Dakotas do, but I do agree, I would expect a Native American or maybe someone from Japan to bear the name. I suppose it could work for someone of Irish blood, but I would be a bit surprised. I don't think that should really stop you from using it... I love the names Eleni and Giovanna and I have no Greek or Italian blood in me... I think that's a bit different, but I don't see why I couldn't use Giovanna and you couldn't use Hakota, haha.

    Good luck!
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    I made an account just to reply to this ^_^

    Hi, I was just randomly googling the name Hakota as i wanted to know what my name meant and i stumbled across this thread. I personally love my name, but it can be a little frustrating to people who hear it for the first time as I have been called every name under the sun more times than I can count. But it's unique and i get complimented an awful lot by people who think it sounds ace! :P I am a 20 year old male from England with black hair and green eyes and although my name isn't very well known it does however exist elsewhere and suits me quite well! :P There is a character in a Japanese anime called Hakota who wears a paper bag over his head... Not very classy but there you go! :P A lot of my friends call me "Kota" but as I said before I'm pretty much called just about everything. XD I don't know if you are interested at all but here's my Facebook if you have any questions (

    Thanks for reading! If you reply I probably won't ever see it, as I said before I saw this thread and made an account purely for the purpose of replying to it so my odds of coming back on ever again are extremely slim. :x

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    I personally think this name sounds made-up, sorry.

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    I wrongly thought this was an Asian name, and would have pronounced it differently than you do. I prefer names with some sort of history, but this one didn't stand out to me in a negative way.
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