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    Nathan or Nathaniel? Bennett or Benedict?

    Hello Berries,

    This is my very first post -- probably because I know I'm at least a year plus out from TTC.

    BUT, yesterday marked the first real baby name conversation with my husband in our six years together (what took us so long, right?). And while I found myself somewhat broken hearted about his reaction to the girls names I've been envisioning for my future daughters for, I don't know, the last decade, we were much more aligned on the boys name front. This is probably because he told me nearly 6 years ago that he always wanted his father to have another "Nathan" (full name Nathan), his Grandfather's name. While I, always wanted my Mom to have another "Ben", my Grandfather's name (full name Benedict).

    And so, if you could please help me to rank these combos based on your preference. Our surname is one syllable, starts with "G" and rhymes with "Dean" (enough of a hint?):

    Nathaniel Bennett
    Nathan Bennett
    Nathaniel Benedict
    Nathan Benedict
    Benedict Nathaniel
    Bennett Nathaniel

    Thank you so much!

    PS: Mourning three of my favorite girls names Susannah, Eloise and Tessa

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    I like Nathaniel and Bennett, and my favorite would be Nathaniel Bennett
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    I love Nathaniel! Problem is I don't really care for Nate. Would you use Nathan as the nn?

    Nathaniel Bennett is my favorite. I also like the reverse, Bennett Nathaniel.
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    I would probably go with their actual names Nathan Benedict. Nathaniel Bennett sounds nice, though, and it slightly changes both names, so I guess that keeps it fair. Haha! I prefer the nn Ben to Nate, but I don't think the names flow as well with Bennett or Benedict first.

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    I love Bennett and Nathan. I'd probably limit Benedict to use as a middle name because of the historical connection to Benedict Arnold.

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