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Thread: Kenzie

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    Quote Originally Posted by audreyjacqueline View Post
    In my opinion it doesn't fit with vintage names. It is very "late '90's" to me and it will be assumed she is named Mackenzie so she may be called that. Vintage names seem sweet and timeless where Mackenzie or Kenzie now seemed a tad dated to me.
    I agree. I really dislike Kenzie.
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    I don't know, I'm totally torn about Kenzie too (although I prefer the Kenzi spelling). It seems really spunky and bad-ass to me (anyone watch Lost Girl?) but I feel like others will think it's uber-girly-sickly-sweet. But then people are also saying it's too masculine and other that it's dated!! In the end, I think I don't love it enough to use as a first name. Maybe a middle.

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    Wow where did this thread come from? I wouldn't in a million years use Kenzie now!

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