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Thread: Kenzie

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    I absolutely agree with peach!
    I have a friend who's named Kenzie, she quite likes her name and hasn't received any negative comments about her name. (Except for the obvious question of, 'Is Kenzie a nickname for Mackenzie?'
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    I think Kenzie would be fine with a vintage middle name - for example, Kenzie Lillian or Kenzie Beatrice. I do have to say that from the "vintage name" standpoint, Kenzie does seem like it'd be a boy's name. I know a Kenneth who goes by Kenzie.

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    I think it works better as a nickname, but I wanted to chime in and say that Kensie is also the name of a clothing brand.
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    I have to say that I can't imagine Kenzie with your other favorites! Kenzie just seems SO different from Clara, Amelia, Stella, Adelaide, Sophie, etc. Maybe you could do something like Stella Kenzie or Adelaide Kenzie? I have a few unisex names that are GPs, too (like Harper, Addison, and Linley), and I think they work fairly well as MNs for those gorgeous old-fashioned, vintagey-type names.
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    In my opinion it doesn't fit with vintage names. It is very "late '90's" to me and it will be assumed she is named Mackenzie so she may be called that. Vintage names seem sweet and timeless where Mackenzie or Kenzie now seemed a tad dated to me.

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