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    DW:Kathleen Ann
    DH:James Christopher
    Year of marriage: 2019

    2020:We buy a house it is big. We get to hold our future family.
    2021:James and I decide to let our children run wild so we move to Sydney,Australia. And buy a flat roof square house.
    2022:We are feeling lonely with no children so we buy a girl,yellow lab, named Sparkles.
    2023:We have a girl. Selene Katherine a blue eye, red head girl.
    2024:We have G/B/G triplets. Their names are Mya Eve, Andrew Jay, and Amber Zoe. Amber has blue eyes, the rest have green eyes, rest has blonde hair with freckles.
    2025:We decide that we should move back to Virginia, Richmond, and get a beige plain house, witha huge yard.
    2026:We have a girl she has blonde hair, blue eyes, her name is Lily Sarah.
    2027:We get a mansion in Grand Rapids,MI. When we move in we have a blue eyed redhead girl twins named Carter Lynn, and Audrey Chase.
    2028:We adopt a polish 3 year old girl named Natasha Adrea.
    2029:For Selene's birthday we get her a golden retriever named Buddy.
    2030: We adopt an infant, we name her Nicole Arbor.

    Our children:
    Selene Katherine 13
    Mya Eve 12
    Andrew Jay 12
    Amber Zoe 12
    Natasha Adrea 11
    Lily Sarah 10
    Carter Lynn 9
    Audrey Chase 9
    Nicole Arbor 6

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    New Hampshire
    Year 1; We adopt a kitten; Holly
    Year 2; We buy a new house
    Year 3; Alexander Owen, Mark Thomas, Julia Paige
    Year 4; Heather Claire
    Year 5; Logan Evan
    Year 6: Move to Syracuse, NY
    Year 7: Move to London, England
    Year 8: Adopt a husky, named Fiona
    Year 9: Dylan Cooper and Sadie Valerie
    Year 10: Move to Sydney, Australia

    Alex (8), Mark (8), Julia (8), Heather (7), Logan (6), Dylan (2), Sadie (2)

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    DW: Kelsey Ann Williams
    DH: Kyle John Williams
    Year of marriage: 2016

    2017: 4- They have twins who they name Landon James and Lauren Elizabeth

    2018: 3- They get a yellow lab who they name Cooper

    2019: 2- They have a baby girl whom they name Harper Grace

    2020: 5- They pack up and move their three kids and dog to a nice house in Pittsburgh Pennslyvania

    2021: 2- The twins turn 4 and start preschool, a new member of the family is born, a baby boy named Noah Charles

    2022: 6- They adopt a baby boy named Liam Everett

    2023: 8- Harper starts preschool and the twins start 1st grade. They want one more child but end up with 3, triplets they name Samuel Jay, Charlotte Nicole, and Olivia Rose

    2024: 10- The twins go into 2nd grade. Because of their large family their 4 bedroom 3 bath home is too small to accomodate all 10 of them. They move into a larger house with 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms Noah and Liam share a bedroom and so do Charlotte and Olivia, Lauren, Landon, Harper and Samuel have their own rooms.

    2025: 3- Noah starts preschool, Harper starts 1st grade and the twins start 3rd grade. They adopt a shih tzu puppy named Lilly.

    2026: 10- Liam starts preschool, Harper goes into 2nd grade, and the twins start 4th grade. Even though they live in a very large home the kids are itching to all have their own rooms so they moved. The house has 10 bedrooms every child has their own bedroom and their is one extra for when guests come there is 1 bathroom downstairs 1 on the main floor and 4 upstairs.

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    West Midlands, UK
    W: Ellen Paige. H: Lewis Alexander. Year of Marriage: 2012. After getting married Ellie and Lew decide they need a place of their own and buy a beautiful Victorian cottage ( After settling into the house Ellie gets pregnant and has a gorgeous girl, they name her Roberta Mary. Lew badgers Ellie for a dog until she agrees, he adopts a 4month old female Siberian husky and names her Rose. Oh my goodness! Identical triplet boys! Well nobody saw that coming: Sebastian James and Jeremy Evan and Albert Elijah. After the birth of the triplets Lew and Ellie decide its time for a change and not only move house, but move country! They move to Richmond, Virginia, USA, to a house similiar to After settling into the new house Ellie and Lewis adopt a baby boy, naming him: Lukas Elyan. Lewis got his dog, and now Ellie wants a kitten, they adopt a male California Spangled Cat and although Ellie has her heart set on calling him Champ, the triplets decide they like Chimp better. ellie and lewis are once again blessed with triplets, they are identical once again but are all girls this time: Matilda Rachel, Georgina Ruby, and Natasha Rosa. Unhappy with the American lifestyle, Lewis and Ellie move country again, this time to somewhere completely different: Paris, France. To a house similiar to In their tenth year of marriage Ellie and Lew are blessed with a surprise singleton baby whom they name Tobias Henry. ~~~ Ellie (35) and Lew (39) with: Bobby (9), Seb (7), Jem (7), Alby (7), Lukas (5), Matti (3), Georgie (3), Tasha (3), Tobias (1); and Rose (8) and Chimp (4)
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    Willa Jane Rice and David Isaac Rice.
    Year of marriage is 2013.
    Willa and her husband, David have been together for 2 years. They previously lived in the basement apartment of his father's home, but they finally have their own place. It is of fair size, #7/8. A year after moving in to the home, Willa discovers she is pregnant. A baby boy is born, whom they call Taylor Jacob Hunter. Soon, they realize the family is missing something- a pet! The family adopt a puppy, and call it Cupcake. She is a shin tzu. A years after Taylor's birth, Willa decide to try again. David, Willa and Taylor welcome twin girls- Mia Lucy and Jasmine Poppy. A year after the birth of the twins, David gets a new job, and the family has to move. They relocate to Boston, and live in a house with a garage fit for 3 cars, and has 7 bedrooms, perfect for guests and the growing family. Willa has always wanted to adopt a child- so many are without homes.It was quite the process, but a years later, A baby boy is adopted from Japan, and he is called William Jacob, after Willa. The kids want another pet, so David surprises them one day on the way home from work. They get a long haired female kitten, which now 2 year old twins call Cinderella. Unexpectedly, year later, Willa finds she is once again pregnant- with triplets! Two boys and a girl- Riley Callum, Caleb Murray and little Caitlin Lucy Elizabeth. The children are all so adorable. One year later, the family decides to move to another country- Canada. They buy a home in Toronto, Ontario. A different and unique looking home, with lots of room for the kids to play. Willa and David decide they are finished with having and adopting children, and to treat their lovely family, they decide to go on a trip. They travel to Disney world for 2 weeks, and the children are overjoyed.
    Teenberry, name loving girl.

    Lucy, Madeline, Caroline, Kylie, Bryn, Audrey/Aubrey, & Sierra
    Eli, Caden, Camden, Riley and Caleb

    Guilty Pleasures:
    Clementine & Tiara

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