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    Pacific Northwest
    DW's name: Elena Scarlett Gray
    DH's name: Julian "Jude" Theo Gray
    Year of marriage: 2023

    2023: Jude and I try but cannot concieve a human baby, so we adopt a female Siberian Husky baby who we name Saskia.

    2024: After another round of trying for a baby, we are blessed with twins! They are named Maxwell Jude and Rose Elena.

    2025: Jude is relocated to Paris, France for his job. Elena does not object to living there. The family moves to an old historical house with a large garden in the backyard.

    2026: The couple volunteers one day at the local orphanage. They fall in love with a little baby boy whose mother died during childbirth and father could not take care of him. Jude and Elena decide they have enough room for the little boy, and name him Leo Elliott.

    2027: Little 3-year-old Rosie's favorite animal is a kitty. She finds one in the street and decides to keep it. The female American Longhair is named Belle.

    2028: Jude is again relocated. The family is sad to leave Paris, but is excited to move to Syracuse, NY. They move into this house:

    2029: Rose finds yet another stray kitty. The family adopts the female Munchkin and she is named Aurora.

    2030: Belle the kitty turns out to be a boy when Aurora becomes pregnant! Belle is renamed Beast. Rose somehow gets Jude and Elena to keep two little kitties. When the family is sure they are female, one is named Alice and the other is Tinkerbell.

    2031: The Gray family seemed complete...until Elena is pregnant with triplets! Archer Theodore, Juliet Cora and Scarlett Josephine are welcomed to the family.

    2032: Little Leo is begging for a puppy. Elena and Jude give in and adopt another female Siberian Husky. She is named Freya.

    2033: Saskia the Husky goes missing one night. The family finds her with the neighbor's retriever and a littler of 8 puppies! Elena and Jude planned on giving them all up for adoption, but the kids pursuade them to keep two more puppies. Etta and Linnea are wecomed into the Gray Family.

    The Family:
    Jude and Elena
    Max & Rose
    Archer, Juliet & Scarlett

    The Pets:
    Saskia with puppies Etta & Elsa
    Beast and Aurora with kittens Alice & Tinkerbell
    Boys: Maxwell, Bennett, Oliver, Elliott and Archer.

    Girls: Rose, Juliet, Aria, Cora and Scarlett

    Sorry for any random spellings. I'm probably on my nook!

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    DW: Jewel Elizabeth McCoy
    DH: Rhys Langston McCoy

    Year 1 - The McCoys move to Pittsburgh, PA and buy a new house.
    The house:

    Year 2 - The McCoys adopt a baby girl.
    Her name: Rosalie Lane McCoy

    Year 3 - The McCoys move to Rome.
    Their house:

    Year 4 - The McCoys welcome twin sonss.
    Their names: Elliot Christian McCoy and Viggo Nicholas McCoy

    Year 5 - The McCoys buy a new house.
    The house:

    Year 6 - The McCoys welcome b/g twins.
    Their names: Jonah Lazarus McCoy and Evangeline Snow McCoy "Evie"

    Year 7 - The McCoys get a Golden Retriever puppy.
    His name: Watson

    Year 8: The McCoys welcome a daughter.
    Her name: Sophie Maria McCoy

    Year 9: The McCoys welcome twin boys.
    Theiir names: Declan Gabriel McCoy "Dex" and Jasper William McCoy

    Year 10 - The McCoys adopt a German Shepherd puppy.
    His name: Otto
    Gideon ~ Ezekiel ~ Abel ~ Emmett ~ Declan ~ Silas ~ Ezra ~ Flynn ~ Jasper ~ Elliot
    Maisie ~ Willa ~ Naomi ~ Vivienne ~ Evangeline ~ Gemma ~ Amaryllis ~ Lux ~ Remi ~ Sophie
    Shiloh ~ River ~ Sage ~ Rowan

    Name Crush of the Moment: Oona

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    Me: Gilda Rose Hardy.

    Husband: Pike Daniel Hardy.

    1. Gilly Elizabeth Hardy.

    Dog: (Female--Beagle) Barby.

    2. Nora Caitlin Hardy.

    3. Angel Katherine Hardy.

    4. Greta Renee Hardy.

    Home: Boston, Massachusetts.

    5. (Adopted) Lash Edward Hardy.

    Kitten: (Female-Abyssinian) Hatti.

    6. Paulette Josephine Hardy.

    Home: Paris, France.

    7. Poppy Amelie Hardy.

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    Kate Rebecca & Calvin Ross Sheridan
    married 2012

    2013 - We move to Syracuse, New York! Our new house is a beautiful suburban right in the middle of a quiet town.

    2014 - We adopt a male German Shepherd puppy that we name Phoenix.

    2015 - We adopt a kitten! She is a female American longhair, named Jasmine.

    2016 - We get pregnant with multiples! Our twin boys, Noah Kai Sheridan and Riley Finn Sheridan, are welcomed with open arms and lots of love.

    2017 - We take in another kitten, a beautiful female Birman that we name Geri.

    2018 - We decide to move our family to Paris, France for Calvin's job. Our house is a brand-new modern mansion!

    2019 - We adopt yet another cat, a male California Spangled Cat that the boys name Tiger.

    2020 - We celebrate another new addition to the family - our adopted newborn boy from a local orphanage. He is named Kristian Robert Sheridan.

    2021 - Just a few months after adopting Kristian, we discover we're pregnant with multiples again! We have a second set of twin boys, named Joel Isaac Sheridan and Luca David Sheridan.

    2022 - We adopt another puppy. This time it is a female shih tzu whom we name Princess.

    Kate and Calvin Sheridan
    Noah, Riley, Kristian, Joel, and Luca
    Phoenix, Jasmine, Geri, Tiger, and Princess

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    DH: Michael "Mike" Allen Foster
    DW: Brianna Marie Foster
    We marry in 2017 when Mike is 30 and I'm 23.

    Year 1: 2018
    (7/1) We adopt a kitten. It's a female American longhair and we name her Daisy.

    Year 2: 2019
    (8/5) We have triplets, two girls and a boy. We name them Emma Grace Foster, Noah Michael Foster and Lucy Rose Foster.

    Year 3: 2020
    (8/7) Surprise! We have another set of multiples this year, quadruplets this time. We have 2 boys and 2 girls and we name them Wyatt Allen Foster, Aurora "Rory" Madison Foster, Sebastian Ryan Foster, and Jordyn Paige Foster.

    Year 4: 2021
    (4/4) We are expecting again! We have twin girls this time. We name them Amber Nicole Foster and Holly Lauren Foster.

    Year 5: 2022
    (7/4) We adopt another kitten. This time we get a male American shorthair and we name him Einstein.

    Year 6: 2023
    (2/9) We have another baby, a boy and we name him Cameron Drew Foster.

    Year 7: 2024
    (5/3/9) We move to Richmond, Virginia and into this house:

    Year 8: 2025
    (9/7/9) We move again to Toronto, Canada and into this house:

    Year 9: 2026
    (8/6) We have triplets again, two boys and a girl. We name them Declan Lewis Foster, Olivia Brooke Foster, and Nathan Thomas Foster.

    Year 10: 2027
    (1/8) We move into a new house:

    Mike [40] and Brianna [33]
    Emma, Noah, and Lucy [8]
    Wyatt, Rory, Sebastian, and Jordyn [7]
    Amber and Holly [6]
    Cameron [4]
    Declan, Olivia, and Nathan [1]
    and our cats, Daisy and Einstein.

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