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    DW's name: Hope Cara Dawson
    DH's name: Jack Thomas Dawson
    Year of marriage: 2015

    2016: (10) They get a kitten and a puppy! After a year of marriage Hope and Jack are still very much enjoying time with just the two of them, and don't yet feel ready to have a family, but they definitely feel as though their home is a bit lonely and could do with some extra love. They decide to get both a kitten and a puppy. The kitten is white and grey and named Molly, their dog is a husky cross named Odin.

    2017: (1) A year after the new arrivals in the family, Hope and Jack decide to move into a new, bigger house. Their old house was starting to feel cramped, even with just the 2 of them and the pets, so they decide to move further into the country where they can afford a larger house, with a beautiful garden. It seems like the ideal home for starting a family in too. This is what it looks like:

    2018: (10) After moving into the new house, Hope and Jack enjoy decorating it and making it feel like a proper home. They decide that the spare room would make a perfect nursery, and finally feel ready to have their first baby. After 3 months of trying, Hope becomes pregnant. 9 months later they have a beautiful baby boy named Tobias Jack Dawson "Toby".

    2019: (1) When Toby is only 6 months old, their perfect home starts to feel not so perfect. The house needs a lot of work doing, and seems to be falling apart, and having Toby means neither Hope nor Jack have much time to spend fixing it up. With the help of Hope's parents, they buy a much newer built house that is in perfect condition. It looks like this:

    2020: (2) Just before Toby's second birthday, Hope finds out she's pregnant again! They weren't trying, but are delighted by the surprise. They have plenty of room for another little one, and are excited to give Toby a sibling. 9 months later they have a little girl named Mabel Sophia Dawson.

    2021: (5) When Mabel is 5 months, and Toby 3, Jack is offered a role at a very prestigious accountancy firm, the only catch is, that it's another city. Jack would be working full time and doesn't feel happy leaving the children back in another city with Hope, nor does he think it'd be feasible to travel between the two, even just for the weekends. So after much discussion, the family move to a new city; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They're both upset to be moving house yet again, especially when the last house seemed so perfect for them, but Jack's career is very important to him, and Hope is very proud of him. This is their new house:

    2022: (6) Hope and Jack are very settled in their new home and Jack is getting on well at work, whilst Hope is still a SAHM to 2 year old Mabel and 4 year old Toby. About once a week, Jack and Hope have a date night, where they get some much needed time together, whilst a local girl, 18 year old Hayley, looks after the kids for the evening. One night they return home to find Hayley in tears, Hope comforts her and asks her what's wrong, whilst Hayley confides in her that she found out she's pregnant. She immediately says she can't keep the baby and blurts out that she wishes the baby could stay with Hope and Jack, as she's seen what wonderful parents they are, and knows that she couldn't offer the baby a stable lifestyle. They have very serious conversations for months after this, including Hayley's parents, and everyone agrees that the baby would be best with Hope and Jack, as Hayley has big plans for college. Hope and Jack are shocked that Hayley really wants to give them her baby, but they're delighted she trusts them so much, and are thrilled to be able to give the baby a loving home, and Mabel and Toby another sibling. Hayley gives birth to a baby girl, and Hope and Jack welcome little Nancy Anabel Dawson into their family.

    2023: (4) Nancy settles perfectly into the family, and Mabel and Toby love her to pieces. When she is 7 months old, the whole family go away for a few days to visit both Hope and Jack's parents. When they return Hope is very sick, putting it down to having eaten something bad whilst away, or just the stress of travelling, she tries to ignore it. But when she's still feeling just as bad, if not worse, even a week later, Jack forces her to go to the doctor. A test immediately confirms she's pregnant, but she never felt so ill with her other pregnancies! The doctors send her for an early scan, just to make sure everything is ok because of how ill she's been feeling. At 9 weeks pregnant, Hope finds out she is expecting twins! Jack and Hope are shocked, having twins with such a small baby around is definitely going to be hard work, but they feel very lucky to be having twins! Hope gives birth to twin boys named Max Oscar Dawson & Joel Leo Dawson.

    2024: (8) Toby is now 6, Mabel 4, Nancy 2 and the twins are just 6 months, when Hope misses a period. She had been feeling very run down recently, but put that down to having 3 small children to take care of, but a home pregnancy test quickly confirms her suspicions. She's pregnant again! For once, Hope is actually quite scared to tell Jack, they already have 5 children and he's been stressed with work as it is, but she knows she can't hide it from him. But as soon as she tells him, her fears disappear, he doesn't even show a sign of disappointment and is ecstatic to be welcoming another little life into their family. Their first scan reveals that they're having not one, but two babies again! Although born 2 months early, they have 2 healthy baby girls, named Lola Lorelei Dawson & Josephine Iris Dawson "Effie".

    2025: (6) One day whilst Jack is at work and Hope is at home with Nancy, Max, Joel, Lola & Effie, the phone rings, it's Hayley. Hope is immediately panicked by the desperation in Hayley's voice as she says that she needs to meet up with her. Hope wonders if she's wanting to meet Nancy and has a sinking feeling that she's going to tell her something crazy like she regrets ever giving up her baby girl. Hayley is back from college for the summer, so she and Hope arrange to meet up for a coffee when Jack is home from work to look after the kids. She can tell that Hayley has been crying the moment she sees her, Hope asks what's wrong and all Hayley says is "I need my baby to be with its big sister", "you're pregnant?!" questions Hope. Hayley nods and the tears begin streaming again. Hope is shocked and wants to ask Hayley how it happened, but feels perhaps Hayley won't want to talk about it whilst she's this distraught. Hayley opens up to her anyway, confiding that she met someone at college who she had an on-off relationship with for a couple of months, he was abusive and she's too scared to tell him she's pregnant. Hope and Jack talk, and agree to adopt Hayley's second baby. This time she has a boy, he looks just like Nancy, they name him Harry Casper Dawson.

    2026: (10) Hope and Jack are sure they're done having children now that they have 8! When Harry turns one, they decide to have a big holiday and take the whole family travelling, along with the grandparents, for a month.

    The family:
    DH: Jack Thomas Dawson (35)
    DW: Hope Cara Dawson (33)
    DS: Tobias Jack Dawson "Toby" (8)
    DD: Mabel Sophia Dawson (6)
    DD: Nancy Anabel Dawson (4) [adopted]
    DS/DS: Max Oscar Dawson & Joel Leo Dawson (3)
    DD/DD: Lola Lorelei Dawson & Josephine Iris Dawson "Effie" (2)
    DS: Harry Casper Dawson (1) [adopted]

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    DW's name: Iris Greer
    DH's name: Sullivan Poe
    Year of marriage: 2020

    2020-10: TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY UP TO YOU!!! Whatever happens in the year you roll this number is your decision. Do you have a baby? Or experience another life event? Let your imagination run wild!

    Hollis Quinn (Holly)

    2021-7: Your family adopts a kitten. What kind of cat is it & what is his/her name? Roll the dice
    1 or 2: A female American longhair; name is after a character from your favorite Disney character


    2022-9: Your family moves to a foreign country. What country and what does your new house look like? Roll the dice
    3 or 4: London, England
    1 or 2:

    2023-6: You and DH adopt a baby! What is the baby's name & gender? Roll the dice
    7 or 8: A boy; initials are the same as yours

    Ibrahim Gifford

    2024-7: Your family adopts a kitten. What kind of cat is it & what is his/her name? Roll the dice
    3 or 4: A male American shorthair; name is after a famous historical character


    2025-Your family adopts a kitten. What kind of cat is it & what is his/her name? Roll the dice
    3 or 4: A male American shorthair; name is after a famous historical character


    2026-Your family adopts a kitten. What kind of cat is it & what is his/her name? Roll the dice
    3 or 4: A male American shorthair; name is after a famous historical character


    2027-3: You and DH adopt a puppy. What kind of dog and what is his/her name? Roll the dice
    9 or 10: Your choice of name, breed, & gender

    Female beagle-Astrid

    2028-1: You and DH buy a new house. What does it look like? Roll the dice
    7 or 8:

    2029-3: You and DH adopt a puppy. What kind of dog and what is his/her name? Roll the dice
    9 or 10: Your choice of name, breed, & gender

    male beagle-Stitch
    Current Favorites: Emmeline, Claire, Verity, Jane, Iris, Starling, Mercy, Josephine, Acacia, Gemma, Maura, Quinn, Kenzie, Molly, Henrietta, Elodie, Nova, Virginia, Noor, Schuyler

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    DW's name: Lillie Matilda Grace Stryker
    DH's name: Luka Cameron Stryker
    Year of marriage: 2016

    2 months after Lillie and Luka return from their honeymoon in Brazil, Lillie starts to feel ill, tired and grumpy all the time and decides she has come down with the flu, but after another month of the flu not leaving she decides to visit the doctors office, they confirm the she is 2 months pregnant, filled with happiness and shock, Lillie immediately calls Luka and tells him the news. 6 months later, on 13th July 2017, Lillie and Luka welcome their first child, a daughter, Genevieve Alexandria Stryker.

    On Evies 1st birthday they buy her a little Siberian Husky puppy and name her Daisy, 3 months later Lillie starts to feel the same symptoms she felt while pregnant with Evie, but this time she put on more weight and much more faster, she visits the doctor and he gives her the news that she is 4 weeks pregnant, as happy as she was the time she found she was having Evie, Lillie called Luka at work and tells him the news of a new baby. 8 months later her water breaks in the car on the way to a check up with her OBGYN, she calls Luka and tells him that the baby is coming. Luka arrives with Evie just in time for Lillie to start pushing. After much hard work and hours of pushing later on April 2nd 2019, Lillie and Luka welcome their second child, another daughter, Gracie Amelia into the world. After about 7 minutes Lillie feels the need to push again, the nurse checks her and confirms that she is having another baby, neither Lillie nor Luka knew of them having twins but would love the child all the same. 1 more hour later, Lillie and Luka deliver their third child, yet another daughter, they name their little girl Matilda Isobel.

    When the twins are 7 months old and Evie is now 2, Lillie and Luka pack up a move across the country to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania they move into a large house that looked like , in a safe neighborhood with many other kids that the girls could grow up with. After exactly 1 year of settling in when Tilley and Gracie are 1 year and 7 months and Evie is 3, Lillie had made friends with a nice lady down her road with 7 children, her 17 year old daughter had fallen pregnant and being young didn't want to keep the baby and the lady already have a houseful of people to care for, planned to give the baby up for adoption, Lillie always wanting to help people in need told her that she would take the unborn child as her own and the woman could still come and visit when she wanted. 3 months later on her due date of 3rd of December 2020, the girl gave birth to a little baby boy that Lillie and Luka named Luka Marcus Grayson Stryker.

    4. 3 years later when Evie is 5 1/2, Tilley and Gracie are 4 and Luka is 3, Evie was sitting out the front of her house when she saw a little tiny kitten barley walking down the road, she walked up to the kitten and when it saw her she came up to Evie and licked her feet then then rubbed her body along Evies legs, Evie scooped up the skinny kitten and ran back to her house, she ran right into Lillie and Luka's room where they were talking about having another child and pulled the little kitten out of her jumper and layed her on Lillie's lap, after a small amount of talking Lillie and Luka decided to keep the kitten, they name her Chloe.

    3 months later, Lillie takes a home pregnancy test, it comes up positive and she is so happy that she runs through the house and yells out 'I'M PREGNANT' all the kids are happy, but Luka is the happiest of them all, he always wanted a big happy family, and that was what he was getting. Lillie went to the doctor to confirm and to make sure if it was twins this time, she was 1 month pregnant and this was the only planned pregnancy that Lillie and Luka had, 6 months later in the middle of the night Lillie wakes to horrible pains, being only 7 months pregnant she is scared for her new baby, but she is in such bad pain she can't get out of her bed, Lillie wakes Luka and tells him that baby is coming so he rushes into the kids rooms and takes them to the next door neighbors house so they can leave for the hospital, but by the time he returns to Lillie she is already feeling the urge to push the baby out knowing that there was no time to get to the hospital, Luka calls 911 and then tell him what he needs to do to get the baby out safely, after 6 short pushes a tiny blue body slips out, the operator tells Luka that he needs to be calm and rub the baby on the back until it cries, after 3 minutes a faint cry slips out of the tiny baby's mouth its coloring becomes pinker, but the baby is so little that is need medical help, an ambulance shows up at the house 10 minutes later and puts the baby on a breathing machine. On May 8th 2024 a tiny baby girl is born Lillie and Luka name their little baby Sienna Annabelle Stryker, 3 months later she is allowed to leave the hosptial.

    2 years later Lillie and Luka feel it is time for change and decide to move to Paris in France, after a few french lessons Lillie, Luka and the kids move to a small neighborhood in Paris and feel right at home straight away, they live in a big red house the looks like
    Once settled Lillie starts to feel ill again but just thinks it is a flu because it was winter in France but 2months later she goes to the doctor and she tells Lillie that she is 3 months pregnant and going to have another baby, 2 months later when Lillie is just 5 months pregnant her water breaks while she is walking Daisy down the road, she rushes home and and tells Luka, she bursts into tears because she knows something terrible would happen to her baby, Lillie, Luka and the children all rush off to the hospital where after much trying to keep the small baby in on September 31st 2016 Lillie gives birth to a tiny baby boy they name Charles Kai Stryker. The doctors after 3 hours of fighting give up on the little baby and hand him to Lillie, Luka and the kids to have one last goodbye before he died. Charlie died in Lillie's arms just after she kissed him goodnight.

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    My name is Kiera Mae Leesburg. I married my husband, Cairo Jon-Daniel Hawthorn, in 2000. A year after we married, we bought a house. This is our house…

    A year after we bought the house, I gave birth to a baby boy. We named him Weston William Hawthorn.

    We though it would be cute for our little West to grow up with a puppy-mate, so we got a Golden Retriever a year later. We named him Shadow.

    When West was two, I gave birth to triplet boys. We named them Silas Sebastian Hawthorn, Keanu Zane Hawthorn, and Xander Elias Hawthorn.

    When the triplets were a year old, Cairo’s job took us all to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We bought a nice house for the family.

    While there, a neighbor told me that they were shocked of recent events in the neighborhood. A well-liked French man had beaten his Hawaiian wife to death and had nearly beaten the couple’s 3 year old son to death as well. The father had been arrested and the boy was in foster care. When I told Cairo this story, West overheard and began to cry. Apparently, this boy was in West’s pre-school class and they were good friends. Cairo and I decided we wanted to foster the boy. We learned that he was in a foster to adopt situation, so that’s exactly what we did. A year later, Kainoa Mathieu Rousseau was officially Kainoa Mathieu Hawthorn.

    The boys had been begging us for another pet. We already had our house full with 5 boys and a dog, so we opted to get a kitten. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I thought a delicate cat would be good in that situation, but she learned to handle herself. Therefore, we named her Sassy.

    When the triplets were 4, I gave birth to our second set of triplets…again, all boys. We named them Lucas Benjamin Hawthorn, Connor Jack Hawthorn, and Leon Harrison Hawthorn.

    A year after Luc, Connor, and Leon were born, we moved our 8 boys, 1 dog, & 1 cat to Paris, France, where we stayed in a very nice house.

    While in France, we fell in love with a baby girl at an orphanage. Her name was Nova. We adopted her quickly (we were quite desperate for a girl), and completed her name – Nova Amaya Hawthorn.

    The Hawthorn Family:

    Cairo & Kiera

    West – 13

    Kainoa – 13

    Silas – 11

    Keanu – 11

    Xander – 11

    Luc – 7

    Connor – 7

    Leon – 7

    Nova – 5
    Alba Johanna Leigh joined us March 21, 2013 @ 7:06pm ~ 7lbs, 4.6oz & 20in

    Baby Haven will be joining us around April 11, 2017! What will her full name be???

    My favorite names!

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    DW: Juliette Rae Hastings
    DH: Reece Langston Hastings
    Year of Marriage: 2012

    1: You and DH buy a new house. What does it look like? Roll the dice
    3 or 4:

    2: You get pregnant! What is the baby's name & gender? Roll the dice
    9 or 10: Your choice of gender & name
    Boy - Elliot Archer Hastings

    3: You and DH adopt a puppy. What kind of dog and what is his/her name? Roll the dice
    9 or 10: Your choice of name, breed, & gender
    Male Golden retriever - Charlie

    4: You get pregnant with multiples! How many babies, what are their genders, & names? Roll the dice
    7 or 8: Triplets, your choice of genders; first & middle names from
    Two boys and a girl - Jasper William Hastings, Dallas Blake Hastings, and Sophie Noelle Hastings

    5: Your family moves to a new house in a different city. Where do you move to and what does your new home look like? Roll the dice
    1 or 2: Syracuse, New York
    9 or 10:

    6: You and DH adopt a baby! What is the baby's name & gender? Roll the dice
    7 or 8: A boy; initials are the same as yours
    Jesse Reece Hastings

    7: Your family adopts a kitten. What kind of cat is it & what is his/her name? Roll the dice
    7 or 8: A male California Spangled Cat; name is that of another kind of animal

    8: You get pregnant! How many babies do you have, what are the genders, and what are their names? Roll the dice
    5 or 6: Triplets, your choice of genders; first & middle names from
    Two girls and a boy - Phoebe Charlotte Hastings, Ruby Grace Hastings, and Samuel Caleb Hastings (Sam)

    9: Your family moves to a foreign country. What country and what does your new house look like? Roll the dice
    9 or 10: Rome, Italy
    1 or 2:

    10. After the release of my newest novel, Reece and I decide to have one more baby, a girl named Evangeline Pearl Hastings (Evie).

    The Hastings Family
    Juliette and Reece
    Elliot, Jasper, Dallas, Sophie, Jesse, Phoebe, Ruby, Sam, and Evie
    Charlie and Fox
    Gideon ~ Ezekiel ~ Abel ~ Emmett ~ Declan ~ Silas ~ Ezra ~ Flynn ~ Jasper ~ Elliot
    Maisie ~ Willa ~ Naomi ~ Vivienne ~ Evangeline ~ Gemma ~ Amaryllis ~ Lux ~ Remi ~ Sophie
    Shiloh ~ River ~ Sage ~ Rowan

    Name Crush of the Moment: Oona

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