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    DW's name: Archer Daniel West
    DH's name: Evelyn Dianne West
    Year of marriage:

    If you roll a...

    1: You and DH buy a new house. What does it look like? Roll the dice

    2: You get pregnant! What is the baby's name & gender? Roll the dice
    7- A girl; first name is your second favorite girl's name, middle name is a traditional name ~ Aubree Hope

    3: You and DH adopt a puppy. What kind of dog and what is his/her name? Roll the dice
    6- A male German Shepard; name is after a character from your favorite TV show - Tuck

    4: You get pregnant with multiples! How many babies, what are their genders, & names? Roll the dice
    7- Triplets, your choice of genders; first & middle names from
    (g) Sophia Grace (g) Maya Faith (b) Everett Christian

    5: Your family moves to a new house in a different city. Where do you move to and what does your new home look like? Roll the dice
    7 or 8- Boston, Massachusetts

    7 or 8:

    6: You and DH adopt a baby! What is the baby's name & gender? Roll the dice
    10- boy - Elias Grant

    7: Your family adopts a kitten. What kind of cat is it & what is his/her name? Roll the dice
    1- A female American longhair; name is after a character from your favorite Disney character Nala

    8: You get pregnant! How many babies do you have, what are the genders, and what are their names? Roll the dice

    3 or 4: Twins, your choice of genders; first & middle names from
    (b)- Cooper Graham & (g) Sadie Rosalie

    9: Your family moves to a foreign country. What country and what does your new house look like? Roll the dice
    6- Sydney, Australia
    5 or 6:

    10: TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY UP TO YOU!!! Whatever happens in the year you roll this number is your decision. Do you have a baby? Or experience another life event? Let your imagination run wild!
    We have one more baby to complete our family, a baby boy named Emmett Nathaniel

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    First, name the couple and decide on their year of marriage. Next, roll the dice for each year to find out what happens to your couple over the course of ten years. Write your own story as you play the game.

    DW's name: Stefanie Louise Graceman
    DH's name: Andrew George Graceman
    Year of marriage: 2002

    If you roll a...

    In 2002 Stefanie and Andrew buy a house. It looks like this:

    2: In 2003, they have a baby girl! Her name is Amelia Charlotte. They nickname her Mia. She's a very hyper baby.

    3: In 2004, when Mia is one year old, Stefanie and Andrew adopt a little boy Golden Retriever. They name him Richie. Richie absolutely ADORES Mia and she loves him, too.

    4: In 2005, Mia is 2 and Richie is still a crazy puppy. They welcome twin boys into the family. Their names are Caleb Logan and Liam Cooper. Mia loves her new brothers, and she loves to help out with them. It's very hectic with three kids and a puppy.

    5: In 2006, Mia is 3 and the twins are 1 (Richie is 2). There isn't enough room for the family in their house, so they pick up and move to Richmond, Virginia. The house looks like:

    1 or 2:

    6: In 2007, (Mia is 4, Richie is 3, and the boys are 2) Stefanie and Andrew adopt a baby girl named Natalia Amber. Mia is VERY happy to have another girl in the family.

    7: In 2008, Mia is 5, Richie is 4, the twins are 3, and Natalia is 1. The family adopts a Himalayan cat and name her Fluffy. She is a fat, lazy cat. Mia loves combing her fur and putting bows in it.

    8: In 2009, Stefanie unexpetedly get pregnant again and has another pair of twins, a boy and a girl. Their names are Delilah Grace and Gavin Daniel. Mia (6), Richie (5), Caleb (4), Liam (4), Natalia (2), and Fluffy (1) are very excited, although Fluffy is very secretove about her excitement.

    9: In 2010, we move from Virginia to Sydney, Australia. Mia (7) and Caleb&Liam (5) are fascinated by the accents of our new neighbors and their new schoolmates. Natalia (3) and Delilah&Gavin (1) don't seem to notice.

    7 or 8:

    10: Stefanie and Andrew decide that they're done with babies, but when Stefanie chaperones Caleb and Liam's class trip to the orphanage, they can't help but adopt one last baby. She's a girl, and they name her Sydney Oceane, after Australia.

    Stefanie Louise and Andrew George Graceman (32)
    Amelia Charlotte "Mia" (8)
    Caleb Logan and Liam Cooper (6)
    Natalia Amber (4)
    Delilah Grace and Gavin Daniel (2)
    Sydney Oceane (4 months)
    Richie (7)
    Fluffy (3)
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    Shelby Ann Baker and John Stephen Baker were married in early January of 2012. After a lovely honeymoon in the Bahamas, they settled into the new house they had bought in Ashville, North Carolina. It looked like this -

    Shelby and John lived the first year of their marriage in blissful happiness. John worked as an Architect from home, and Shelby taught second grade in a local school. They saved money where they could, but still managed to eat out on the weekends and have a great, carefree time. Occasionally the topic of children came up, but they decided to postpone the discussion. Until Shelby began to feel dizzy in the mornings, and started crying at the slightest provocation. A pregnancy test, a few gallons of blue paint, and nine months later, little Judah Phillip was born.

    Life with a new baby was harder than Shelby and John expected. Gone were the days of eating out, or even going out without an entire caravan of supplies. But Judah filled their hearts with joy in a way that they hadn’t imagined possible. They wanted to give the everything there was to give, so they started with man’s best friend. When he was only a year old, they brought home a female shitzu puppy names Wrinkles

    When Judah was one and a half years old, Shelby and John began to yearn to expand their family. It took a few months to conceive, but finally one day Shelby woke up to the telltale nausea. One sunny Saturday afternoon, the young family all crowded into the doctors office together. John held the squirming Judah while they all strained to see if they were gaining a little brother or a sister when, surprise! Two little blips appeared on the screen. In early January, they were blessed with twin boys – Max Benjamin and Levi Harrison

    Shelby and John started trying to have another baby almost immediately after the twins were born. It might have been a little soon, but they knew they weren’t done, and the months it took to conceive the twins had made Shelby nervous. Having twins was certainly a beautiful adventure, but the months dragged on with no double blue line. After two years, Shelby’s doctors told her she might want to consider other options. The family was devastated. When John was offered a job with a firm in Syracuse, NY, they leapt at the chance. It was an office job, meaning John couldn’t stay home with his boys all day anymore, but it came with a significant raise, and they all needed a fresh start in a new place. They bought a new house, which looked like this -,

    Once they were settled in their new house, Shelby and John began applying to adoption agencies. To their surprise and delight, a young woman, charmed with their family, chose them to adopt her son almost immediately. Before the year was through little Seth Andrew had joined the family.

    Their testosterone filled home needed a little more femininity, so Shelby adopted a divalicious female birman named Audrey
    Four boys certainly kept Shelby and John busy, but still it felt like their family was incomplete. So they decided to try once again to conceive, this time with the help of IVF. Five eggs were implanted, and a few months later, the second blue line appeared. It was a tearful moment for the whole family, but they were completely stunned when they learned that not one, not two, not three, but four of the five eggs had attached. The quadruplets were born premature, and after a scary few weeks, Rose Elizabeth, Silvia Grace, Caroline Marie, Matilda Kendall were all allowed to go home

    Eight kids and two pets were overwhelming to say the least. Shelby quit her job at the school to stay home with the kids, but that only imphasised how crowded they all were in their small home. John was offered a larger salary and more freedom at a rival company, and so the whole crew packed up and moved across the border to Toronto, Canada. They found an expansive home nestled in the forest, and settled there to raise their brood -
    Shelby and John celebrated their tenth anniversary at home, surrounded by the family they had built together. As the children spilled their food, got into spats with one another, interrupted each other with stories about their day, laughed at silly jokes, and wrapped their arms around their parents, Shelby and John though that they wouldn’t have it any other way

    Judah Philip -(9) -
    Max Benjamin –(7) -
    Levi Harrison –(7) -
    Seth Andrew –(5) -
    Rose Anastasia –(2) -
    Silvia Grace –(2) -
    Caroline Marie –(2) -
    Matilda Kendall –(2) -

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    DW: Juliet Marjorie von Billinger
    DH: Tomas Rowan von Billinger
    Year One: You get pregnant!Hugo George von Billinger

    Year Two: Your family moves to a foreign country. What country and what does your new house look like?Paris, France

    Year Three: You and DH adopt a baby! What is the baby's name & gender?Boy; Jasper Matthias von Billinger

    Year Four: You and DH adopt a puppy. What kind of dog and what is his/her name?
    A female Siberian husky; Simone.

    Year Five:
    You get pregnant!
    Triplets; B/B/G
    Alfie James von Billinger
    Archie Lewis von Billinger
    Zara Elise von Billinger

    Year Six:
    You get pregnant with multiples!
    Twins; B/G
    Oliver Nathaniel von Billinger
    Molly Katherine von Billinger

    Year Seven: You get pregnant!
    Moses Ray von Billinger

    Year Eight:
    Your family adopts a kitten.
    Male American short hair; Louis.

    Year Nine:
    You and DH adopt a baby.
    Girl; Natalija Anne von Billinger

    Year Ten: You get pregnant!
    Twins; G/G
    Rosanna Josephine von Billinger
    Rosalie Jane von Billinger

    1. Hugo
    2. Jasper
    3. Alfie
    4. Archie
    5. Zara
    6. Oliver
    7. Molly
    8. Moses
    9. Natalija
    10. Rosanna
    11. Rosalie

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