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    DW: Callie Brooke
    DH: Owen Jacob
    Year of marriage: 2012

    In 2012, right after their wedding, Owen and Callie bought a new house.
    5 or 6:

    In 2013, Callie and Owen adopted a baby. They adopted a baby girl named Olivia Jane.

    In 2014, Callie found out she was pregnant with quadruplets, two girls and two boys.
    Their names are: Emma Gabrielle, Chloe Alexandra, Noah Samuel, and Evan Luke

    In 2015, Callie and Owen adopted again. This time they adopted a baby boy named Levi Ethan.

    In 2016, Callie and Owen moved because of Owen's job. They moved to Syracuse, NY.
    House: 5 or 6:

    In 2017, the family adopted a kitten. They adopted a male American shorthair, and they named him George, after George Washington.

    In 2018, the family moved once again because of Owen's job, but this time to Rome.
    House: 7 or 8:

    In 2019, Callie found out she was once again pregnant with multiples. This time it was twin girls.
    Their names are: Ava Charlotte and Grace Amelia

    In 2020, Callie was pregnant again. This time, it was triplets. Two boys and one girl.
    Their names are: Aidan Benjamin, Finlay Rhys, and Zoe Naimh

    In 2021, the family adopted a puppy. They adopted a female pug named Roxy.

    In 2022, the family made their final move. They moved back to the United States to Richmond, VA.
    House: 7 or 8:

    As of 2022:
    Callie (34) and Owen (34)
    Olivia Jane (9)
    Emma Gabrielle, Chloe Alexandra, Noah Samuel, and Evan Luke (8)
    Levi Ethan (7)
    Ava Charlotte and Grace Amelia (3)
    Aidan Benjamin, Finlay Rhys, and Zoe Naimh (2)

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    First, name the couple and decide on their year of marriage. Next, roll the dice for each year to find out what happens to your couple over the course of ten years. Write your own story as you play the game.

    DW's name: Robert Daniel Smith
    DH's name: Katherine Rose Smith
    Year of marriage: 7 (married in 2005)

    You get pregnant with multiples!
    Triplets b/b/g
    Nathaniel Michael Smith
    Jacob Cristopher Smith
    Hope Samantha Smith

    You and DH buy a new house.

    Nicholas Theodore Smith
    Benjamin Lawrence Smith
    Savannah Caroline Smith
    Rebecca Josephine Smith

    DH starts his own buisness, opens a cupcake and a candy shop.

    DH opens 16 shops all over the country.

    DH makes his first million. Kids go to granny's and you both travel to Europe

    You and DH adopt a puppy. A female Siberian husky; Addison

    You get pregnant with multiples!
    Twin girls
    Florence Elizabeth Smith
    Charlotte Scarlett Smith

    Your family moves to a new house in a different city.
    Boston, Massachusetts

    You get pregnant!
    A Girl
    Grace Isabella Smith
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    Girls: Neva, Hope, Katherine, Harlow, Vivienne, Florence, Grace, Nalha, Primrose, Arabella, Isla.

    Boys: Nicholas, Luke, Stephen, Leon, John, William, Henry, Victor, Fredrich, Rainer, Simon, Felix.

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    Jorrian Rachelle Horan and Niall James Horan married in 2019

    Year one: 2020
    We have twin girls on January 12, 2020. We name them Sophia Rose Horan and Addison Marie Horan

    Year two: 2021
    We buy a new house

    Year three: 2022
    Because of Niall's job, we move to London, England
    our new new house:

    Year four: 2023
    We have twin girls again. Born on September 12, 2023. We name them Mia Olivia Horan and Sienna Elizabeth Horan

    Year five: 2024
    We have a single baby girl this time. Born on December 18, 2024. Her name is Jocelyn Catherine Horan

    Year six: 2025
    We get a puppy! He is a Rottweiler named Tonto and the kids love him to bits!

    Year seven: 2026
    We finally get our first son! Born on his uncle Liam's birthday (August 29, 2026). Niall and I decide to name him after his uncle, Liam Alexander Horan

    Year eight: 2027
    We have boy girl twins born on Halloween. They are Mason Christopher Horan and Zoe Victoria Horan

    Year nine: 2028
    We are pregnant yet again. This time with triplets! one boy and two girls! Born on April 7, 2028, They are Logan James Horan, Chloe Grace Horan, and Leah Charlotte Horan

    Year ten: 2029
    We have to buy a new house. Our family is getting too big!

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    Elizabeth Jennifer <3 Neil Patrick
    Year of marriage: 2012

    Our First House:

    Our second house in Los Angeles, California:

    Our third house in Toronto, Canada

    Noah Charles
    Henry Lincoln and Gabriel Finn
    Alexa Faith (Adopted)
    Blair Kristen, Nina Autumn, Arielle Sofia and Elena Hope

    Pets: A female Siberian husky called Britney and A male California Spangled Cat called Sparrow
    Future Mother of:
    Lincoln Reed
    Blair Ivy
    Henry August

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