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    Help Us Finalize Our Name

    Hi Berries,

    Please help us to finalize our names! We're having a spring baby so she'll be here in couple of months! We've narrowed down to 2 names. The big debate is between Greta and Katrien.

    Also, we could not come up with any nicknames for Greta. None that we like anyways. So would love to hear everyone's thoughts on that.

    Katrien has a lot of good nickname possibilities so we're set there.

    We have a couple of middle names picked out, but we want to focus on finalizing on the first name, first.

    Which name do you guys like more and why?


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    I voted for Greta.

    Katrien doesn't have an intuitive spelling or pronunciation. How do you pronounce it? From what I can google, it is a Dutch name. I get the appeal, and I have a little German Katharina, but unless you are in the Netherlands, this one seems like it would be a lot of trouble.

    Greta is already a nickname for Margaret or Margareta, so I don't see why it needs one. You could use Daisy, which is another nickname for Margaret.

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    I voted for Greta as well. To echo what truffle said, Katrien doesn't have an intuitive spelling or pronunciation. I agree on the nickname aspect too. Greta is only two syllables. It doesn't need a nickname.

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    Greta and if you want Katrien why not go for Katrina and everyone can say it properly then?
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    I'm a big fan of Greta. I think as she grows you'll discover nicknames that you never knew were there. That has definitely been the case in my family.
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    Too many names to love!

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