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    Need a name for a fourth son--a cowboy.

    Writing a fantasy romance series that is set in the future, but the setting in parts seems a lot older. For example, for this particular family, they live in Texas, but it's more desolate, and a bit more reminiscent of the Old West. This couple has four boys that will be featured in their own stories after this series, and most of their stories aren't exactly flushed out yet. Three of their names are:

    Marshall Maximillian "Max" (The quiet type.)
    Wesley Shane "Wes" (Also more of the quiet type.)
    Darwin Alexander "Alex" (True to his name, he's a bit of an explorer/treasure hunter...and a rakehell to boot.)

    Originally, I had the fourth son named Leviticus "Levi" Vaughn, but then decided to make him the son of a different set of people. Now he's the cousin of the three boys above.

    I have a random assortment of names that I like, and then I put some of them together in first/middle name pairs. Thoughts? Considerations? Further suggestions? I'm all ears!

    (NOTE: Also, probably an important point, their last name is Christopher. The boys' father, for reference, is Rowan Rhys Christopher.)

    Jacob Joshua
    William Weston
    Heath Truett
    Jacob Owen

    Other random names (mix and match, or add to the list!):

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    Great! Any suggestions for combinations?

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    Wyatt was my first thought! How about Wyatt William, or Wyatt Weston?
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