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    Diana all the way! Very pretty name, and I find it a positive thing if it isn't currently trendy.

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    I'm more than a little biased b/c my name is Diana , but I thought I'd chime in to say that I have always loved my name. I love that its a well-known name that doesn't seem to be overused. Growing up (I'm an 80s baby), I never met another Diana face-to-face until I got to college. I liked this because in a sea of Laurens, Stephanies, and Amandas (which are nice names, just very popular at my school), I liked that Diana always felt like "my" name. I get the impression that Diana still isn't used that often; I haven't met a little Diana in a long time, so if you like names that are a bit more rare, Diana is a great choice!

    Plus, there are some great connections to the name:
    Diana is the name of a Roman goddess, it has the Princess Diana connection, and it's the title of a Paul Anka song (a cool music connection I've always liked)!

    While the name Diane has some sentimental value to me (it's a family name), Diane has always felt like an "older" name to me. IMO, Diana is a fresher/more youthful alternative.

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    Love Dianna, Diana too

    I know a Deana but I think of it as quite separate, Dean-a, than the Di- crowd.

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    My name is Diana, so I'm a bit biased, but I love Diana. If you go with Diana, I wouldn't spell it Dianna. That just looks ridiculous and more people will point out the Die Anna! thing. (which I only got once and it was in high school, so it was teasing, just one of those, I just realized.... type moments)

    Also, I never got the Princess Diana reference or the Roman goddess reference... I was born in the year she died too, which is odd, but I'm sure today none of the kids will even think to bring up Princess Diana....

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    I love Diana. It is definitely a classic, in my opinion. She is, after all, a Roman goddess.

    Diane feels incomplete to me, especially next to Diana.

    Not a fan of any of the spelling variations. Especially Deanna.
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