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    Catherine Sonnet jumps out at me. Well balanced, definitely not expected, and a perfect counterpart to Annabel Reverie.
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    I second mamusia's suggestion of Sonnet- is like Story but more chic. Catherine is a definite classic- always timeless but if you love Maggie and Nola then Magnolia is stunning- I think classic Southern roots when I see it. Should be a more used flower name. Have also always loved Magdalene, Magdaleine, or Magdalena.

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    Personally I feel that Magnolia is beautiful & classic. Magnolia is in my 3rd favorite girls name & when I saw your supper cool middle name of Story I wanted to steal it!!!! So if you don't use Magnolia Story I will! That's how much I love it so yes I say yes to Magnolia Story.

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    My fav is by far Evangelina Lux and Annabel Reverie. There are endless nicknames

    Love & good news are so cute together especially since the second was a surprise!
    Not expecting, just collecting!

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    1. Which of the above choices do you like best overall? Elodie Fable sounds wonderful with Annabel Reverie.
    2. Which do you like best with sister Annabel Reverie? See 1.
    3. Preference between Eden and Edesia? I like Edesia.
    4. Best middle names for Catherine and Edesia/Eden? I like Catherine Sonnet, Edesia Story, and Eden Beatrice.
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