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    I LOVE Dahlia! I say to it DAHL-ya as well. I prefer the Dahlia spelling, but I do like the meaning of Dalia better I have known one Dahlia and she was the sweetest little girl. She was a little timid and shy but just the cutest thing. The type that you just want to pick up and squeeze I think Dolly would be a precious NN for Dahlia/Dalia.

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    I love it, and I would spell it Dahlia. I say it with only two syllables: 'dahl-yah'.

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    I also prefer Dahlia. It is a lovely flower name that is unusual but familiar.

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    I love this name!!! Pretty underused flower name. Dahlia with an H. Pronounced Dahl yuh. I knew a dahlia growing up and she didn't have a nn. But I like nn's Dee, Doll, Dolly, and Lia. Dolly is precious as a nn for a child and even as she grows up. It's adorable and sweet just like the full name. I would be very impressed by the mom's naming taste if I ever met a little dahlia. . It's chic, sophisticated, Girly but not too frilly or too long. It's streamlined
    And very classy without trying to hard.
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    Dahlia (with the h) has become one of my favorite names over the past year or so. The nickname that sticks out in my mind the most is Dolly/Dollie, though that's mostly due to the association with a video game character also named Dahlia who was affectionately called Dolly. Dahlia is a nice flower name in that it's not that common. It's refreshing to hear aside the countless Daisy, Rose, Lily or Violet. Classy and ageless without trying too hard to stand out.

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