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    Brock means badger, so maybe that would work?

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    To badger someone is to nag or annoy, that's my first thought. Not the image I would want for my son!
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    Yikes, I cringed a little, too. I think that the other animal names don't just imply a sense a fierceness; they connote a sort of majesty, too. Badgers...don't quite (for me anyway). Maybe another animal will light his (and your!) fancy? Something like Drake, Tercel or Falcon, Fox or Reynard, Heron or Hawk? I've heard that Brecon is a Welsh boys' name meaning "badger" (as well as being a place name). Brock and Bridger sound good, too; then maybe you could use it as a nickname.

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    thanks everyone for your input! we'll see what happens...

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    you both need to watch "honey badger" on youtube. it may change your minds :-)

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