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    Full names with nn Lottie Or Lettie

    Hi, I am after full names for girls with the nick name Lottie or Lettie, I know that Charlotte is the first thought, but thats our friends dogs name, I am a big fan of Letitia but hubby has Vitoed the name as he thinks it sounds too trashy.

    Help please!

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    I knew a girl in high school named Lotta, and she was from England. Everyone called her Lottie .

    For Lettie, maybe Colette? Nicolette?
    I think Colette nn Lettie is lovely !
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    Ditto the suggestion of Colette nn Lettie. I think that's adorable!
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    My first thought is Laetitia/Leticia (any variation) and I don't understand why it sounds trashy.
    Yeah it can be from Colette.
    You can also call Scarlet or Violette/Violet/Violetta by lettie.

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    Carlotta for Lottie?
    The only other names I could think of were Charlotte and Letitia, sorry
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