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    Help me, PLEASE...My little girl has arrived and still doesn't have a name!!!

    I know it sounds crazy but it's true...I'm not sure what's not clicking for me? She is a beautiful baby and I want a truly beautiful name for her!

    I have two daughters and their names are - Marya Gabryella and Syerra Ashlynn. Our heritage is Spanish and Italian but we are open to all names, origins, etc.

    I'd like to continue the trend of her name containing a "Y" and ending with an "A".

    Here's what I was thinking for her middle name:
    Hidali - (My grandmother's middle name).


    Frances, Francine, Francina, Frankie...etc., (A name honoring my brother, Frank, who passed a few years ago). Francis was my brother's birth name as well as my grandfather's and my father's name. Maybe there has already been too many?

    Lasty, All Saints Day is a day of great significance to us...Is there a name for a girl similar to Toussaint (boy's name) or another variation?

    Any suggestions and opinions are GREATLY appreciated!!! Thank you for your consideration and time!

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    Toussaint = Santyna? would start with an S like Syerra....but relate to Santina like sacredness, holines...
    = Allya? (for all?)
    = Catryna / Catalyna? (from Catherine = pure, like saints...)
    =Halya (from hallowed?)
    =Lemurya? (apparently, Lemuria is a name for the pagan holiday All Saint's is thought to adapt from...not for the faint of heart, it's odd, and a lemur is a kind of monkey ...)
    =Gregorya? (Pope Gregory declared the first All Saints' day on its current date)
    =Ofrynda? (from offerings being made on all saints...)
    =Florya? (from taking flowers to the graves of the dead...)
    =Velya (from vela, for the candles burned...)
    =Domynga? (for holiness)

    Good luck!

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    Tasya? Satyana?

    Or maybe Toya? Or you could spell Tirzah with a y - Tyrzah or Tyrza?

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    Toussainte is the feminine version of Toussaint (which is actually unisex but very rarely used for girls) Its not considered very stylish and is hardly used anymore (Im assuming mainly for babies born on Nov 1st) but I sort of like it. I wouldnt try and replace one of the letters with a Y though, it would only be harder for most people to spell and seeing as it has religious connotations it might offend some.
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