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    Yeah, that's what I told DH. Spelle Ivorie just looks like a stripper name.
    We don't use nicknames for our girls, so nicknames wouldn't be an issue. It one arises, then that's okay, but we just call our girls by Odette and Acacia.

    But I do like Ivory Tallulah .
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    I really like Ivory, and it's a fresh take on the surging ivy.
    Ivory Tallulah is a splendid combination too.
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    Would you be open to Ivy? Ivory is a little but stage name-ish to me plus it makes me think of the illegal Ivory trade :/ but its not bad sounding in theory, but I would use the Ivory spelling if I were you.
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    I'm not a huge fan of Ivory, sorry. I've heard it used on both genders pretty much equally so it seems a bit too ambiguous to me (especially next to such girly, sweet names as Odette and Acacia). I would either opt for Ivy, or go for one of your other options (Imogen, Thisbe, and Cecily, right?)--I think all of those are lovely with Odette and Acacia.

    Good luck!
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    I like it, but am biased because it's our cats name we used to call her Ivy for short... And we also call her Ive, Ivoryanna and Ivorypants. I agree you should spell it Ivory though.

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