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    Hi Harriett Emily,
    I just wanted to say don't give up. I second the advice to try not to think about it, although I know how hard that will be! A massage sounds like a great idea!!

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    We had two "surprises" and figured it would be a piece of cake when we wanted to "try" for our third. WRONG! After several months I was really wondering what was the matter with me! My husband said just forget about tracking things, and voila positive pregnancy test the next month.

    Hope this isn't TMI but I also have been taking Mucinex every time I became pregnant, it's the same drug as Robitussin. My doctor had me on it for my sinuses but he said it does sometimes help conception because it thins the mucus throughout the entire body. Who would have thought. Actually I'm not sure if it was starting the Mucinex or quitting the calendar or both that helped us out that time we were having trouble. At any rate, it's pretty harmless stuff and if you get the time-release kind you hardly even have to think about it. Ask your doctor to make sure it's ok just to be certain though.

    The massage is a great idea too, get a good therapeutic massage therapist! Sometimes your OB/GYN can recommend someone who works especially with women.

    Try not to stress, it's really quite normal for it to take a few months.

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    Do you track your cycle? If not, I suggest starting to track your cycle (there are some sites that will help with this). Make sure you're actually ovulating (buy some of those tests if you need to, temping will help with this, too). Also, don't get so stressed about it. Stressing doesn't help your body and could actually make you not ovulate or ovulate late, which would throw everything off.

    I recommend not testing until your period hasn't shown up for a week.

    Just remember that only half of all couples that make love regularly will end up pregnant after 4-5 months of trying. For 85% of couples, it will take a year. If you are tracking your cycles and doing everything possible after a year, then it would be time to see your OB/GYN.

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    Thanks everyone! Bornthisway I do track my cycle, we'll have sex multiple times a day when I'm ovulating so I'm always really frustrated every time we get a negative I don't test myself until my period hasn't shown for 3-4 weeks. My body literally stops having periods when I think I'm pregnant, and then when I see the negative test I'll come on within the hour, seriously! Although this time my period still hasn't come. 5 weeks late now but I'm negative.

    I think we're just going to stop buying tests and tracking my cycle. We'll just have sex whenever we feel like it and if I happen to get pregnant, then great, but if I'm still not pregnant within a year or so then I'll definitely see a doctor about it
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    I have been TTC our first for four months now, and it seems like foreverrrrrrrrrrr... I understand how you feel! And there's nothing quite like the disappointment when your period shows month after month after month.

    Have you watched 'The Great Sperm Race'? It helped me to understand what spermies go through to reach the egg, and helped me relax a bit when I didn't catch the eggy. You can YouTube it and watch it in spurts, it's very informative!

    I think doing-away with your charting and testing is a good idea, it will help you to relax and just let nature take its course. When I get overwhelmed that I'm not pregnant yet, my sister reminds me that my body's just waiting for the baby that's supposed to come to me... so if this month isn't it, it wasn't to be. I try to have that attitude... it's easier said than done that's for sure, but it helps

    Also, I think having sex more than once a day during your fertile window isn't really a 'good' idea... his body needs a bit of time to re-produce healthy sperm and in good numbers, so I would say once a day or once every two days is enough.

    Good luck to you on your TTC journey, may we get our BFPs soon!

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