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    Birthday/Special Day Baby Name Game

    Find the name that corresponds with your date of birth (month=first name, day=middle name) and name your two hypothetical children, one boy and one girl. Or, if you already have children, you can use their birthdays to "rename" them. Also, if you would like to have more than two children, you can use other dates, (i.e. significant other's birthday, your mom's birthday, favorite holiday, the day you met your spouse, your wedding anniversary, the date something special happened in your life, etc.) to name them and you can choose the genders and how many more kids you want.


    First names
    January: Holden
    February: Gabriel
    March: Quentin
    April: Lysander
    May: Alaric
    June: Noah
    July: Declan
    August: Silas
    September: Wyatt
    October: Camden
    November: Zephyr
    December: Valentin

    Middle names
    1: Oliver
    2: Philip
    3: Alexander
    4: James
    5: Logan
    6: Henry
    7: Finn
    8: Daniel
    9: Michael
    10: Blake
    11: Jude
    12: Gage
    13: Christopher
    14: Sebastian
    15: Jacob
    16: Paxton
    17: Lucas
    18: William
    19: Seth
    20: Adrian
    21: Charles
    22: Grey
    23: John
    24: Lucian
    25: Maximilian
    26: Noel
    27: Owen
    28: Pierce
    29: Theodore
    30: York
    31: Truman


    First names
    January: Phoebe
    February: Addison
    March: Anastasia
    April: Clarissa
    May: Eloise
    June: Kinsley
    July: Gemma
    August: Helena
    September: Jessamine
    October: Imogen
    November: Zoey
    December: Juliette

    Middle names
    1: Belle
    2: Violet
    3: Lily
    4: Elizabeth
    5: Jane
    6: Ivy
    7: Ruby
    8: Josephine
    9: Lavender
    10: Pearl
    11: Valentina
    12: Hope
    13: Faith
    14: Rose
    15: Willow
    16: Verity
    17: Magnolia
    18: Mae
    19: Rose
    20: Lydia
    21: Grace
    22: Genevieve
    23: Clementine
    24: Charlotte
    25: Claire
    26: Annabelle
    27: Elaine
    28: Jacqueline
    29: Amelia
    30: Melody
    31: Nora

    Have fun! Let me know if you would like more of these games in the comments!

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    Holden Seth (January 19th, my birthday)
    Phoebe Rose (January 19th, my birthday)
    Noah Alexander (June 3rd, the day I graduate from high school)
    Juliette Claire (December 25th, my favorite holiday)

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    Gabriel Pierce (my birthday, February 28th)
    Addison Jacqueline (my birthday, February 28th)
    Camden Jude (SO's birthday, October 11th)
    Imogen Valentina (SO's birthday, October 11th)
    Alaric Owen (our anniversary, May 27th)
    Eloise Elaine (our anniversary, May 27th)
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

    avatar by *moogley-mog

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    Alaric Adrian (my birthday)
    Eloise Lydia (my birthday)
    Declan Maximilian (my sister's birthday)
    Gemma Claire (my sister's birthday)
    Noah Sebastian (my mom's birthday)
    Kinsley Rose (my mom's birthday)
    -- Lottie --

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