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    If I was a boy my mom wanted Seth and my dad wanted Andrew. (He ended up getting his Andrew when he and my stepmom had my brother 8 years later). Apparently my mom was set on naming me Danacia (Da-nay-sha). This is funny to me because it seems so random and not at all the same style as my actual name (Erin) but apparently she saw the name on a boat in the harbor near our house. It was called The Danacia Kay and for some reason she loved it.

    Her story is that when I was born she decided I "didn't look like a Danacia" (lol) and she went to take a shower and think of other names. Apparently when she came back to the room, my dad had already filled out the form and put down Erin as my name. My mom is a little nutty and I don't know if that story all adds up (can the father choose the name without the mother's consent?), but regardless, I'm glad I'm Erin and not Danacia.

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