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    My mom wanted to name me Jennifer. And no offense to all of you Jennifers out there, but there are a lot of you, so I'm glad my dad's more offbeat choice won the day!

    If I'd been a boy I would be called Christian.

    Henry's girl name was Mary, and I actually called him that for about 3 months until we found out she was a he! LOL

    Baby girl's boy name was Felix. Baby girl does not have a girl name yet!
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    Let's see, at first my mom wanted to name me Nadori or something or that sort. Then she thought of Sage but my dad didn't like that as a first name so it's my middle. Then they played around with family names and decided that they liked Alice, I don't know why they decided against it. Then somehow they came up with Violet, which I think would've been neat, but our family friend Kelly insisted that in Junior High/ Middle School I would be called 'Violent'. Dunno how he got that idea. So then my parents went back to looking at family names and decided on Anna.
    If I had been a boy I would have been Noah.
    Oh and 1 more: My dad's name is Frank and he kept trying to convince my mom to call me Frankie (as a girl's name)

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    Phoebe but my dad couldn't spell it! Luckily they didn't go with it regardless because then Friends came out and got really popular. My mum really wanted to call me Emily, but my dad insistsed they named me Harriet. Now my mum says she's glad they didn't use Emily as my first name
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    Interesting thread! I actually had two different names before my parents picked me up (I was adopted) my biological mother called me April and a nurse I stayed with for 3 weeks after I was born named me Jennifer (as you can see I was born late 70s lol) the minute my mom saw me she renamed me and Im really happy she did!
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    I don't think my mother even considered I would be a girl. The doctor told her I was a boy up until I came out. Since she had no idea i was going to be a girl, she had only considered boy names. So, until I was born, I was going to be Alexander William.

    When she saw me though, she said, "Oh, my little angel." So I'm Angel Starr. It's a completely different style of name than the boys name. -- My Amazon Author Page

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