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    My parents almost named me Paula. My dad's middle name is Paul.... I am glad though that after I was born they decided on Danielle =0)
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    I was almost named Jennifer Elizabeth. I was actually named Elizabeth Shelby, called Shelby. Like another "almost Jennifer" said before I have really enjoyed being named something more rare among all the Jen, Jenny, and Jennnifers out there.

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    I was almost Alexandra Marie, which was pretty cool. If I'd been a boy I would've been Glenn Edward
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    I was adopted, so my original name was going to be Britney (thank God my parents didn't keep it). Instead, they kept one of my original middle names - Rose.
    So, I became: Jessica Nadine Rose

    My mother has also said that she like Aaron for a boy's name.

    My brother would have been Naomi if he was a girl. I actually picked out his first name, although I think I was only supposed to choose a middle (I was 7 at the time), but my parents liked the name I picked and it became his first name. He is Alexander Jay Nicholas
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    My mother originally wanted a boy and she picked out the name Jonathon. She must have really liked Jonathon because all 3 of her daughter's had Jonathon as a first name with a different middle name. I think mine was Jonathon Scott. She never did get to use it.

    I ended up being named Leyna after the Billy Joel song All For Leyna that my Dad loved. I used to hate it (mainly because I wanted to be normal & not have to correct people every time they said my name.) But now I've come to love it & couldn't imagine being called anything else.

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