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    Question Really struggling and need your help with girl names to honor multiple people...

    We want meaningful names to honor loved ones but also are worried about our daughter being made fun of or being faced with people reacting to her name as an "ugly" name. Would like to honor Gertrude and Hilda. Also love the names Orli and Hazel. Some thoughts would be:
    Gertie Hazel
    Orli Gertrude
    Orli Hilda
    Orli Hazel
    Orli Gilda (combo of Gertrude and Hilda)
    Any thoughts at all would be SOOO appreciated! Feeling incredibly stuck.

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    I love Hazel! I think it's perfect. What about Hazel Gertrude? I also like the idea of Hazel Gilda, which combines both family names for you. Orli is cute... have you considered Orla? I think Orla Gertrude would be pretty, and you could use the nn Orli/Orlie...
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    I'd use just Hilda, with the nn Hildie (super cute). And Greta for Gertrude. Orla and Orlie are too close to oral/orally (trust me, every teenage boy will use this, i went to summer camp with some Orlies).


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    Personally, as a teenager, I would hate to me named Gertrude, or Hilda. But that's just me! Your daughter might like it/love it. Especially if she connects/identifies to the people she was named after.

    I would use Hazel as a first name, and then do a double middlename. So Hazel Gertrude Orli for example.
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    Honouring relatives is nice but giving your daughter a unique name that matches her beauty is more important. Your daughters name should be one you are proud to say, not feel awkward about because it tries to revive the past. I would choose the first name Hazel, it's vintage enough to suggest a connection to the "ugly-ish" names.
    Hazel Violet Gilda
    Hazel Cora
    Hazel Gilda (I don't mind this)
    Hazel Sophia Gertrude

    Maybe 2 middles names is your answer to giving a beautiful name whilst keeping a small link to the past?

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