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Thread: Bullying

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    I don't know where you live, but we've got a number of dance classes and a huge children's chorus which allows boys to dance and develop their inner theatre geek. Has he seen Billy Elliot yet? My son Thomas saw that when he was about nine or so and it helped him with being the only boy in ballet for a while. There are lots of hip/hop and jazz dance classes which are not limited to girls only, at least in my community. I would encourage you to contact local theatre groups so he can get in with a bunch of like-minded kids. Not all theatre kids are over the top. Many are quiet and introverted -- my son was -- and there are all kinds of volunteer outlets (such as painting sets, etc). Other than that, there are great movies and books about kids who are picked on but who survive. There's several by Rumer Godden: The Kitchen Madonna, The Diddakoi (was made into a BBC tv series for kids), Thursday's Child. Also Jean Little, the Canadian author, wrote on this theme with beautiful heart-felt books, as did Katherine Paterson. Also Jack Gantos and Joseph Bruhac, among guy writers. Does he have a pet? Often a child receives solace from their animal -- I know I did. I was picked on for being a "boy" like girl and for being smart. My cat provided me with a non judgmental friend for years. Oh, Jean Craighead George's My Side of the Mountain books -- Sam isn't picked on, but those books can stimulate the imagination so for an introverted child, the idea of taking control of one's life and doing things for one's self can be so crucial to a child who feels powerless. Let me know how you get on.

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    I've been bullied a lot while my Elementary school, until I was 10 I think. The worst part is that my teacher was never involved in such problems and sometimes even suported it. I remember my mom going to school and discussing all the problems with my teacher. Step by step it got to normal.

    I agree with teacherma that an outlet like dance classes would be great for him. First of all he would be involved in smth he really enjoys and secondly, he would meet lots of other kids who share the same hobby your son does.

    Children are just cruel these days. I think there's nothing to do about that, it completely depends on the parents.
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    This isn't entirely related to the problem, but I'd like to add something about the dancing aspect of it. As a dance teacher and a performer, I'd like to say that as a child in school, it might be tough, but if he continues with dance (or any other art form) he most likely will be the star. I always used to get jealous of the boys at dance. I always wondered why they got all the lead roles and the solos and why they were more sucessful. It's probably a great outlet for a kid who has a hard time in school, the girls at dance always are honored to get to dance with the boy, and he will get more opportunities to shine than them. School may be tough but he defintely has other places to be well-respected and the "leader" of the others. Good luck!
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