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    Need a few ideas for a futuristic fiction story!

    Okay, so I have a story about a girl, Fawkes Ryker, who was artificially created and can manipulate technology. Only days before she's to be 'sold', she manages to escape and resorts to selling drugs and doing jobs that have to do with technology. But, along the way, she almost gets caught by a cop who not only doesn't cuff her but falls in love with her while trying to figure out what the hell her enemy (the man who wanted to buy her/the cop's uncle) is trying to do. Because, while on one of her jobs to erase info on a company computer somewhere, she found his name along with 'clones', which is never a good sign.

    But, anyway, I need names! Lots and lots of names! And because I need so many, I want a mixture of edgy, gentle, and anything in between, but they have to be futuristic like the ones from this post:
    The characters I need are as follows:
    The cop, male (more of an old, this day and age name since his parents were a little older)
    Aliases for the main character, Fawkes, who has light platinum blonde hair and vibrant green, slitted eyes. Very sly, holds grudges, and fights when necessary--and sometimes when it's not
    Many girl names and guy names, futuristic and current names that have a traditional ring to it. Also a couple of more cops, a few people Fawkes knows from the street--real names and aliases.

    If you don't have any ideas for the guy or aliases for Fawkes, just try and give me some futuristic and current names that sound traditional. Because I have tons of characters that need names and I just can't find the perfect ones.

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