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Thread: Leila or Lucia?

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    Maybe instead of Leila... Laila? The way you've made the names pronounced might be a little hard to remember (Huh-LAY-nah might work better, just a thought) I definitely think that Leila/Laila would work be better than Lucia, because it adds some syllable variety within the sisters (3-2-3 instead of 3-3-3).
    Just something to think about!

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    I love Leila and I picturea kind, loving, pretty girl who is blonde or brunette. Leila to me seems softer and more fitting to the character described. Chances are that nobody will know what it means. Also I love Jude or Joel for their brother .I wish you luck with your story.

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    Thank you all for your advice. I've started calling her Luciana in my recent writings... so we're trying that on for now.

    What about Griffin instead of Jude?

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