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Thread: Leila or Lucia?

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    Leila or Lucia?

    This feels very weird to me... but I am CONSIDERING renaming a character. This is a character from the story that I love the most. It is the closest to my heart and the best I have ever written and I am sure if I ever finish it, magical things will happen.

    It is an extended allegory about three sisters living under a curse that is very similar to modern life. They don't know who they really are, but will find out that they are so much more than they ever thought. Their names came to me before any of the story line congealed in my brain... which is why it is SO hard for me to consider renaming.

    Their current names are:
    Fiona- the oldest, bobbed brown hair, pretty in a plain way, an academic, very scientific, pessimistic (though she would describe herself as a realist), always sceptical, always responsible, always logical, always serious.
    Leila (lay-luh)- the middle, long wavy blonde hair, extremely attractive, overly kind, concerned, helpful, naive, a little slutty, always looking in the wrong places for love, and a tiny bit vapid.
    Helena (hE-lay-nah)- the youngest, light brown wavy hair dyed black, very skinny and pale, but beautiful, completely and utterly depressed, unmotivated, helpless, bewildered, but ends up being the bravest.
    The initials of their names stand for Faith, Love and Hope, which are tied into their personalities.

    Fiona means "white or fair"
    Helena means "light"
    and Leila means "dark beauty"
    ... one of these things is not like the others. one of these things just doesn't belong.

    So... should Leila get a new name? She is beautiful... but she is blonde, not dark. and both of her sister's names are related to light. It will feel weird after writing Leila over and over. But... maybe Leila was never really her name. I'm considering Lucia or Luciana (which sucks because I was considering Lucianne as a name for a future daughter). It starts with L and means "light". It could work. So, any suggestions for other L names that end in -a and sound super girly and mean "light" or something related?

    Also... they have a brother that they never knew. His name is Jude. I'm not TERRIBLY attached to J as his initial, but I wouldn't pass up a good, strong, masculine name that evokes trust, solidarity, and youth.

    And I'm also possibly looking for their mother and father's names. They have to be feminine and masculine (respectively), possibly related to the concept of royalty, possibly sound other-worldly and ethereal. I like a lot of Welsh and Old English names. But I'm not entirely sure their names are important. They might just be Mother and Father.

    So. Thanks for your help! These characters mean the world to me.

    Sierra Ann
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    I actually like Lucia better than Leila, It also sees to fit in better with Helena and Fiona if you ask me. And for their brother, how about Jared?

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    You don't have to use Lucia if you don't want to. I'd say don't give up her name until you're ready to send the book to a publisher. Talk with them about it, and they'll give you their opinion.

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    Leila.I like Leila better.

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    I like Leila. Although I don't like the idea of changing a name just because it means something different. Perhaps that's what sets that character apart from the rest! I have a dark-haired character named Lucien, who's the last of four brothers. They are of Russian descent, and direct descendants of Grigori Rasputan, the evil magician guy who represented the Czar Nicholas/Anastasia family. The three older brothers are dark and evil and brooding. Dark, right? And then Lucien meets the heroine, and now he cannot partake in their evil doings. And then a friend's boyfriend pointed out that names starting with "Luc" mean "light". A nice twist, because in spite of Lucien's dark and evil background, he can "find the light" to happiness and love... yadda, yadda, yadda.

    I have another character named Luciana, and yet another one name Lyuba (Lucien's daughter later in the series--also spelled "Luba"). My sister's name is Leanna and I know someone named Lana and another Llana (from Russia... pronounced "Yana").

    Just some other L-names to think about. Good luck!

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