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    if any moms are getting started with cloth diapering

    I have a huge lot of cloth diapers I am trying to sell.

    They are like brand new, I used them for 9 weeks on my toddler son and when I got pregnant the smell made me super nauseous so I stopped using them and since then I have decided that cloth diapering is not for me. I have so many because I got addicted to kellyscloset and shopping online. I am hoping to find the cloth diapers a good home.

    Just reply or message me if intersted please. I have photos and more details on brands and colors to share.

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    There are a couple resources in this diaper post that I bet are exactly what you are looking for, except you're a seller! Good luck


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    I'm actually interested because I'm trying to conceive and am thinking I'll cloth diaper. I guess it depends on how much you're selling for. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Ok do you want me to send a list of what I have to choose from. I mostly have gender neutral ones and I liked pockets and flips. I also have wetbags and an opened bag of detergent. Everything together is probably worth over 500 but I am selling for less obviously. I have 15 bumgenius, 4 fuzzbun, 2 happy heiny, 8 flip covers with 20 inserts of the stay dry kind but u could stuff with anything u wanted. The pockets all have two microfiber inserts each. So if any or all sounds good I guess it is going to best offer. I have photos of all, they are all clean, no stains etc.

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    Whilst there's a topic about it, do you mind me asking how you found cloth diapering? I'm trying for a baby and really considering it, I'd never heard of it before I read this topic! I just found a UK site that does them too
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