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    Cadence Anne- cadence for the music and the nickname Cadie (Katie) is Irish
    Not expecting, just collecting!

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    Psalm 23

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    LOVE the ethnic names thus far....I'm losing it a bit on the musical and tree part. Lots of the musical words just sound to me like they aren't really names but words made in to names....I suppose that's just me though.

    Names I've loved suggested thus far:

    -Maeve (this is also a family name!)

    Robinia is beautiful, but my husband's name is Robert, so it just comes of to me as more masculine because of this.

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    I love Maeve, it's one of my favourite girls names! Maeve Robinia Cully sounds beautiful.

    Do you like Seren? It's a Welsh name meaning 'Star' which I love, and Seren Cully sounds nice - maybe Seren Viola Cully or Seren Linnea Cully?
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    You are on track with the robinia and robert connection as Robin is a variant of Robert but I consider Robin/Robyn to be a girl's name and it would be a nice way to honour Dad.

    Psalm 23

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