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    Question Is Bear too weird?Middle Names for Bear?HELP!!!

    Hi Berries!

    My boyfriend likes Bear for our future baby..I am not sure and kind am hesitant to name a baby this..It is kind of cute (baby Bear)...I would rather use it as a nickname. The last name would be I have also tried to look for finnish names that I like but they are a little strange too and I dont like the way most of them are spelled,they look incomplete to me.
    Other names we can agree on are
    Ronan- but my top name for a girl is Rowan so I am not sure I am completely on board with this as a first name
    He is not a fan of traditional names...I like them.
    Any suggestions for the Bear dillemma would be helpful...also middles names for Bear?
    Maybe also useable finnish names?I know there have been a few posts on this...

    I have a daughter named Maya Isabel..
    Thanks Berries!

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    It's German I think, but Barrett means "bear strength." For Finnish names I like Marko.

    Mother to two wonderful boys!

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    Bear is firmly in in the nickname or middle name camp in my book. I think Miles is classic and highly wearable. For bear-related names (to get the nickname), you could do Villette's Barrett or Orson, Arthur, Ursinus, Auberon, or Mecho.

    I think Esben/Espen and Bjorn mean "bear." I don't know from which part of Scandinavia they derive, but I bet they have Finnish versions like Bjarne if those don't suit close enough. I think Arto and Otso are Finnish for "bear," too. Otso sounds cute, reminiscent of vintage Otto.

    For Finnish names, I like Ari (the nn of Aaroni), Armas, Aron, Johan, Kalle and Kari, Olavi, Reino, Simo (like Simon), and Topias (Tobias).

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    I love Bear! I think it's tough enough for a grown-up but cute enough for a baby, but if you don't like it you could try something with an Urs root. Most of them are feminine like Ursa or Ursula and such, but if you tried some more masculine endings it could work and you could call him bear since that's the meaning. Or just go to google translate and go crazy, you can find some good stuff there.

    Or you can go the route Villette went with using something like Barrett and shortening it.
    Bearard or Beanard both are alright.
    Bearchán looks like it says Bear, but is pronounced Bar-uh-chan so it's more separate from the sound.

    For middle names I'd avoid nature/hippie and colour names. How unfortunate would Bear Creek or Bear Black be? I'd go for something strong and masculine like James or Thomas or something, just because I feel like with such a soft and nature-y first name the middle should be more grounding. Bear Micah is a cute, but too cute when the child's an adult since Micah is rather soft and feminine.

    -a midwestern expatriate-

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    Ilove it! If you are hesitant though you can use Baret/te as a full name do Bear is just a nn. If It weren't so similar to my ln I'd put it on my list!

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