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    Pierre Benjamin? Boy due in about 6 weeks! OMG

    What do you think? My top two choices for first name are Pierre and Hugo. I like Pierre a bit more but hubby likes Hugo a bit more. In the end its my choice as I am pregnant, no? Pierre is better than Hugo with the surname and sibset.

    Benjamin is my only brother's first name. I think it is a nice neutral balance for Pierre which is pretty French. our 2 kids are not named after any family members. I like my brother a lot though and his name too. My HUbby also likes my brother a lot so I think he might like this idea.

    If Hugo, I like MN such as Alexander, Pierre or Zachary. Also love Xavier as a FN or MN but not the english pronunciation with the AY sound. I dont love it enough to 'politely' explain all day that people must pronounce it in French

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    I prefer Pierre to Hugo and think Pierre Benjamin sounds good.

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    I love Pierre, so that gets my vote. Pierre Benjamin is a fantastic combo!
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    I prefer Hugo over Pierre. While I have an affinity for French names, there's no reason to give French names to kids who are American and there is a English equivalent, Peter in this instance. Hugo Xavier sounds nice. And this coming from a French person. And I used to know this American person named Pierre, and I have to say, it never caught on very well with his fellow Americans.

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    I prefer Hugo to Pierre because Pierre is dated, if you are French then I think either is fine, if youre American I say go with Hugo. Also, Benjamin Pierre flows better imo.
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