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    Love a name but hate potential nn...

    I really have started to love the name Sandrine (pronounced San-dreen). The problem is I hate the nn Sandy. Do you think this would be a big problem if we named our daughter Sandrine or Sandrina? I know a lot of people (my dad for instance) are big on nick names, especially for kids. How would you even go about insisting people don't use the nn Sandy? Has anyone else had to deal with this?

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    you could call her Rina. Or Didi, Andi, San, Sadie, Sanna...
    Sadie would probably fall in good taste with your dad
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    When you introduce her, say "This is Sandrine, but we like to call her _____." more than likely, that's what others will call her if you tell them that it's what you prefer! And when she gets older, she can tell the other kids at school the same thing unless she wants to go by something different.
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    you could have a blip every now and then with people insisting on calling her Sandy, but if you introducie her as Sandrine, i think people will call her that.

    I also have the problem with loving the name Judith, but not liking Judy in the slightest!
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    If she introduces herself as Sandrine then its fine. It only presents itself as a problem if she or you let people nickname her Sandy

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