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    Thanks everyone so far! This is the exact stuff I'm looking for. Definately helping me choose some winner to add to my top list from ones that have recetnly grown on me (and get rid of the not so good).

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    Madeleine -- Pretty but I've heard it too much and have become desensitized to it. If you use it one day consider the nn Della instead of Maddie.
    Thanks! I have been trying to think of nicknames for this since Maddie is so overdone. I had thought of Adele, but not Della and I really like it.

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    Aria - I can see its appeal, but it feels incomplete to me, and I much prefer Arianne or Ariana. Even Arielle. Or Aurora/Aurelia/Aurelie/etc. Love the nn Ari, though!
    Ayla - this has always confused me, because I can never tell if it's AY-lah or EYE-lah! I love Isla but I've never been crazy about Ayla. It also reminds me of trendy names like Kayla/Layla/etc. so I'm not a huge fan.
    Clara - LOVE. It's a MN on my own list. It's so charming, vintage, and romantic.
    Cordelia (nickname Cora or Celia) - love this, and the nn Cora. And Celia! I'd never considered it... when I glanced over your list, I thought the nn options were Cora and Delia... love Celia so much more than Delia.
    Daphne - love. Daphne Imogen Ruby is on my top 10.
    Esme or Esmée - love this, with the latter spelling! I rarely see anyone else who loves the Esmée spelling. I love it because it's the feminine spelling as opposed to the unisex spelling in France.
    Katrina - not a huge fan, sorry. I know a lot of people still associate it to the hurricane, but I never really saw its appeal, even before that. I love the nn Kate though.
    Keira - I can see its appeal, but, honestly, I like Kieran for a boy more.
    Lorelei - I want to love this, especially since I love the nns Lola, Lila, and Rory so much, but I just can't imagine using it. Still, I voted yes for this on your baby list.
    Lydia - love this, and the nn Lydie. Very sweet and rich. It has a Revolutionary-War era feel to me that I love.
    Madeleine - like a lot. I love its more out-there nns, too (Eleni/Leni, Elle/Ella, Addy, Leina, etc.)
    Nadia - like a lot, but mostly for its meaning! I knew a little girl named Nadia years ago, and she was just darling. She had a big sister named Audrey and I always thought Audrey and Nadia were adorable together!
    Renee - love it a lot, but it does feel a bit dated. I probably wouldn't use it but I do like it a lot.
    Rosalie - love this, but not the nn Rosie/Rose. I've never been a huge Rose person, but I do like the name! I think Ro or Ally would be cute nns for it.
    Serena - love this. So so so much. Serena's just so sweet and calm. I knew a Serena in college, and she was nice. I would love to meet a little girl with this name now.
    Tessa - sweet and charming, but I prefer the shorter Tess.
    Veronica - I have a bad association with someone with this name, so I can't really judge it fairly, but it is nice. I like Verona or Vienna more, personally.
    Vivian - not a huge fan of this spelling, but I love Viviana and Vivienne.

    Alaric (nickname Lars) - not a huge fan, sorry. I think Lars makes it more usable, but I think I actually prefer the full name with no nn.
    Colton (nickname Cole) - love the nn Cole. Colton is a big of a GP for me (it feels quite trendy), but I think I would probably just use Cole. Or possibly Lincoln, nn Cole.
    Damon - like a lot. I think this is much more appealing than Damian, personally, which I think is where Damon comes from.
    Dexter - A bit too geeky for me, but I do understand the appeal! I used to love it.
    Doyle - A bit too Irish for me, but it might make a nice MN. I love the show Rizzoli & Isles, and I can't stop thinking of the Irish mob-boss Paddy Doyle on that show, who has done a lot of harm to a lot of people. Still, it is intriguing.
    Everett - LOVE. Everett is one of my favorites, and probably on my top five right now! I adore it.
    Harrison (nickname Harris or Rick) - I'm not a huge fan, sorry, despite my love for -son names! I prefer just Harris, or even Henry...
    Herrick (nickname Eric or Rick) - not a huge fan, sorry. I can't really see the appeal.
    Jared - I like it. It's biblical and just a bit off-beat so not terribly popular, but still handsome and cool. The Jared I've known the best in the past few years has always been so cool--friendly, smart, fun--so it leaves a good association with me, even though we haven't talked for months. It has a similar feel to Adam to me, which I prefer immensely, but I do really like Jared too!
    Joel - I've never been a fan, sorry. I prefer other Joe names, predominantly Josiah, Jonas, and Joseph, but I do like just Jonah, too.
    Luther - I see its appeal but I doubt I would use it. I think it'd make a cool mn, though.
    Marvin (nickname Marv or Mars) - too dated to me, but the nn Mars would be pretty cool.
    Maxwell (nickname Max) - love the nn Max. I'm not as keen on any of its fuller names, but if I had to pick a name for Max to be short for, it'd definitely be Maxwell!
    Simon - like a lot. I've been considering it lately, but I prefer Silas or Cyrus personally.
    Travis - too dated for me, but I've known some great Travises.
    Trevor - I like it more than Travis, but it's still a bit dated to me.
    Walter - I like it a lot. I can't help but think of the blubbery, bumbling Walter Bishop on the TV show Fringe. He cracks me up, haha. Wally and Walt could be cute nns, but I like just Walter!
    Wyatt - like a lot, but I prefer it as a MN. It's a bit too cowboyish as a FN for me!

    My favorites are Clara, Cordelia, Daphne, Esmée, Lydia, Rosalie, Serena, Damon, Everett, and Simon.

    Good luck!
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