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    Help me with my list. Vote and tell me what you think!

    Please tell me what you think of the names. Honest feedback, good and bad. If you hate it, tell me why. I do worry about names that will have problems with pronnuciation and try to have names that almost alwasy would be said correctly. Please vote on them on the website below and give any feedback here, it's really quick to vote a yes or no to each. I have some of my top favs and I added some that have recently intrigued me and really wondering what others think. The fist time I did this was soo helpful.

    Cordelia (nickname Cora)
    Esme or Esmée

    Alaric (nickname Lars)
    Colton (nickname Cole)
    Harrison (nickname Harris or Rick)
    Herrick (nickname Eric or Rick)
    Marvin (nickname Marv or Mars)
    Maxwell (nickname Max)
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    Aria - Love this name! I'd use it myself if I hadn't worked at a place with this name.
    Ayla - It's ok. Maybe Layla? Ayla seems unfinished.
    Clara - Like it but like Claire more.
    Cordelia (nickname Cora or Celia) - LOVE this name! I could see a very slight pronunciation issue as I could see people saying it kor-deal-ee-ah or kor-dell-ee-ah.
    Daphne - Love it!
    Esme or Esmée - NMS but not bad. Prefer Esme.
    Katrina - Like it!
    Keira - Like it.
    Lorelei - NMS but ok.
    Lydia - Nice but also NMS.
    Madeleine - Love it.
    Nadia - Like it.
    Renee - Like it. Also makes a good mn.
    Rosalie - NMS but good.
    Serena - LOVE!!! Wow I got so excited to see this on someone else's list! It's so pretty, yet very uncommon right now!
    Tessa - Like.
    Veronica - Like.
    Vivian - Love.

    Alaric (nickname Lars) - It's ok.
    Colton (nickname Cole) - Like it. What about Callum as an alternative?
    Damon - Like it.
    Dexter - Not a fan.
    Doyle - I don't really like the sound of it.
    Everett - Love it.
    Harrison (nickname Harris or Rick) - It's ok.
    Herrick (nickname Eric or Rick) - NMS at all.
    Jared - It's ok.
    Joel - Love it!
    Luther - Don't like.
    Marvin (nickname Marv or Mars) - It's ok.
    Maxwell (nickname Max) - Probably one of the best long names for Max.
    Simon - It's ok.
    Travis - Like it.
    Trevor - Ok.
    Walter - Don't really like.
    Wyatt - Love it!

    Great lists :-)

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    Aria -- Very pretty! I just don't love it enough to have it in my top ten.
    Ayla -- It's okay, not something I would use.
    Clara -- Gorgeous but a bit plain for me atm.
    Cordelia (nickname Cora or Celia) -- I like it but would never name my child this.
    Daphne -- Ditto to Cordelia.
    Esme or Esmée -- I prefer Esmee and I think its beautiful! I love the meaning behind Esmee so much!
    Katrina -- It's okay. Don't love but I don't hate it.
    Keira -- I used to love this name but now it's just okay to me. It's still very pretty though.
    Lorelei -- Love, always have. I just love other names more right now.
    Lydia -- Cute on a child but I don't really like this name on an adult for some reason.
    Madeleine -- Pretty but I've heard it too much and have become desensitized to it. If you use it one day consider the nn Della instead of Maddie.
    Nadia -- Pretty and exotic but had a bit of a dated feel to me for some reason.
    Renee -- My middle name, seems a bit dated to me. I've never really liked my middle name. nms.
    Rosalie -- Beautiful.
    Serena -- Beautiful. I prefer Seren or Seraphina though.
    Tessa -- Like a lot.
    Veronica -- It's okay. Can work on the right person.
    Vivian -- Pretty but I prefer the French Vivienne.

    Alaric (nickname Lars) -- Like a lot but not for my own child.
    Colton (nickname Cole) -- Not a fan, sorry. I love Cole though.
    Damon -- It's okay.
    Dexter -- Love, love, love. Crushing on this one right now!
    Doyle -- Dislike. Nms.
    Everett -- Love, I really like the nickname Ever.
    Harrison (nickname Harris or Rick) -- Like a lot, used to be on my list. I prefer the nn Harris.
    Herrick (nickname Eric or Rick) -- Not a fan, I prefer Harrison.
    Jared -- Hm, seems a bit dated to me. It's a fine name though.
    Joel -- I like it but I would never personally use it.
    Luther -- Not a fan.
    Marvin (nickname Marv or Mars) -- Not feeling this one either, I think it would take a certain kind of person to pull this name off.
    Maxwell (nickname Max) -- Like a lot!
    Simon -- It's okay.
    Travis -- It's okay.
    Trevor -- Dislike.
    Walter -- See Marvin.
    Wyatt -- It's okay, doesn't stand out to me really.

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    Aria - Love it, very pretty
    Ayla - nice but better as a nickname how about Kayla, Layla etc
    Clara - agree with above Claire is nicer
    Cordelia (nickname Cora or Celia) - do not like this, seems a bit granny-ish
    Daphne - again too granny-ish
    Esme or Esmée - Nice, like both spellings but is quite short
    Katrina - not keen
    Keira - Nice prefer Cara though
    Lorelei - Don't like this name at all
    Lydia - nice
    Madeleine - One of my favourite names -LOVE it!
    Nadia - dont like this
    Renee - same as nadia
    Rosalie - its OK
    Serena - Very goddess, love it
    Tessa - not keen prefer Tess
    Veronica - Dont like at all
    Vivian - Love it, prefer the Vivienne spelling.

    favourites - Vivian, Madeleine and Aria

    Alaric (nickname Lars) - OK
    Colton (nickname Cole) - Not keen
    Damon - How about Damien
    Dexter - Not keen
    Doyle - Hate it
    Everett - Love it
    Harrison (nickname Harris or Rick)- Quite nice
    Herrick (nickname Eric or Rick) - Don't like
    Jared - OK
    Joel - Love it
    Luther - Not keen
    Marvin (nickname Marv or Mars) -Alright
    Maxwell (nickname Max) - Nice
    Simon - Don't like , too Simon cowell
    Travis - Not keen
    Trevor -same as above
    Walter - Don't like
    Wyatt - OK

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    New England
    Aria- I was friends with an Aria. It really suited her. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't like this name.
    Ayla- Love this name.
    Clara- I adore this name. Simple and sweet.
    Cordelia (nickname Cora or Celia)- I do not like this name at all. I know it's suppose to sound feminine, but to me this name is rough. And Celia is overused as a nickname.
    Daphne- I think of Scooby Doo.
    Esme or Esmée- Sounds made-up.
    Katrina- Not spectacular. It's an average name.
    Keira- Pretty.
    Lorelei- I know this is becoming trendy, but I feel as though it should've stayed in the 90's.
    Lydia- Pretty.
    Madeleine- Pretty name. I prefer aleternate, more traditional spellings.
    Nadia- Pretty.
    Renee- On my list.
    Rosalie- On my list.
    Serena- I don't like this name. Just never stuck out for me.
    Tessa- Becoming very trendy. I remember loving this name as a child, but as more and more people start to consider this name, it's fading in my ranks.
    Veronica- Alright name.
    Vivian- Pretty.

    Alaric (nickname Lars)- Like the name, not the nn. Lars seems very snobbish.
    Colton (nickname Cole)- Love the nn.
    Damon- Matt Daman!
    Dexter- I think Dexter's Lab. I can only see this on a red head now.
    Doyle- Simpleton name.
    Everett- NIce name.
    Harrison (nickname Harris or Rick)- Harris is a cool nn. I love Harrison.
    Herrick (nickname Eric or Rick)- Prefer just Eric or Rick, but Herrick is nice.
    Jared- I know way too many Jareds.
    Joel- A cool alternative to Joe.
    Luther- Maybe if this was 16th century Germany.
    Marvin (nickname Marv or Mars)- I do like this name.
    Maxwell (nickname Max)- On my list (Primarily to get to Max).
    Simon- An alright name. Seems to be the name of the week here.
    Travis- Kind of on the safe, boring side.
    Trevor- Hillbilly name.
    Walter- Old fashion.
    Wyatt- Love this name. I think Wyatt with a brother Eli would make a nice set.

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