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    Need boy name suggestions!

    We have a daughter named Harlow Lucille and we have decided that if our next is a girl her name will be Matilda Elspeth. We are having a horrible time coming up with any boy names that we really love like we love Harlow and Matilda.

    We don't want a name that starts with a H, K or B because that's the first letter of Mine, SO and LO's first names. And no M names because if we get a boy next time, and then a girl after we still want to use Matilda.
    Last name will be Peterson, so no names that end in -Son.

    Any suggestions?
    First and middle names would be great. Thanks so much
    ♥ Harlow Lucille 2.3.11 ♥

    ♥Baby #2 9.19.13♥
    Boy name- Finley Dominic "Finn"
    Girl name- Estelle Magdalena "Elle"

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    A good brother for Harlow and Matilda would be...

    Edmund Peterson

    Franklin Peterson

    Oliver Peterson

    Callum Peterson

    Everett Peterson

    Clark Peterson <--- this is my favorite, has a nice Old Hollywood appeal like Harlow...

    Xander Peterson

    Lowell Peterson

    Gordon Peterson

    Alden Peterson

    Conrad Peterson

    Wayland Peterson

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    Not sure if any of the above are your style but some combos from those would be

    Clark Oliver Peterson

    Callum Everett Peterson

    Edmund Franklin Peterson

    Conrad Alden Peterson

    Xander Lowell Peterson

    Gordon Wayland Peterson

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