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    Exclamation Very Big Problem: Middle name for Olivia

    (this is for my friend who is expecting, not me. I am definitely not expecting, but I wanted to help her with this dilemma. Thank you! )

    My friend recently got pregnant with her first daughter, and has decided, beyond a doubt, to name her daughter Olivia. I can hear every comment rolling in. "Olivia is so popular, (really extremely popular) why that for a name?" Well, Olivia wasn't always as popular as it is now. In fact, 20 years ago, it was almost obscure as can be, and my friend has always loved the name since then, from helping take care of a girl named Olivia. She has always vowed this would be her daughter's name, and now that her child is due in the spring, she has no choice but to add one more Olivia to the billion new Olivias born this year. This has really distressed her since she has always loved the name.

    I gave her the advice of giving Olivia a very special and obscure set of two middle names so she will always be set apart from the 5 other Olivias in class. But the trouble is, names I've always thought are obscure, aren't. For example, Aurora and Isla: obscure names in my opinion, but they are not. They are in the top 1000 and on the rise.

    I thought of posting here because you berries have a lot of experience and know the ins and outs of naming. I am asking this for my friend:

    What is a very unknown and "not-in-the-top-1000-and-probably-never-will-be-for-a-long-time" middle name set for Olivia. Please give names with substance, and that are also pretty. I am counting on you! If you would like to help, please do, and my friend and I would be very very very grateful , because I am honestly lost. Here's what I have thought of:

    Olivia Ismay Posia Aymari
    Olivia Isola Avdel Aymari
    Olivia Eira Gelsey Aymari
    Olivia Clio Susa Aymari

    (Aymari is a similar name to the actual last name of my friend, so this could help with choosing names). Thank you all for helping me, baby Liv, and my friend and I apologize for any errors in this hastily written post!

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    I would say your friend still has a choice but if she feels differently then why not an alternative version


    Isabelle sounds fine with the mn's Aurora and Isla but the rest seem sort of madeup/trendy mess which doesnt help.
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    Thank you for your help! The problem is, my friend is not compromising on the name Olivia. She's ordered personalized stuff, etc.

    I guess the sample names I picked did seem sorta made up sounding which is unfortunate because they aren't awful names, but I got them all from this site, from the actual data base and from comments on blogs.

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    There are lots of names that are uncommon, but not "obscure", ie madeup/crazy sounding. Here's some ideas I had, along with SS ranks for the middle names

    Olivia Reese (136 in 2010- which I find odd since I have never found another girl Reese- it's my younger sister's name)
    Olivia Loren (hasn't been ranked since 2003 when it was 970) (also it's not pronounced Lawr-in like Lauren, it's Lore-in)
    Olivia Michal (hasn't been ranked in 12 years) [McCall]
    Olivia Jameson (277 for boys in 2010- I always considered this more of a girl's name)
    Olivia Mae (988 is 2010)
    Olivia Cassandra (328 in 2010- going down from prior)
    Olivia Calliope (not on it- pro. (kah-lee-oh-pee)) (A writing professor at my school just named her daughter this, I'd never heard it used before then)
    Olivia Hope (245, but going down)
    Olivia Flynn (not on it)
    Olivia Rowan (327 for boys and going down- a friend of mine named her daughter this)
    Olivia Deanna (712 and going down)
    Olivia Cheri (not on it)
    Olivia Leanne (881 in 1999)
    Olivia Jean (791 in 2010 for boys)
    Olivia Katriona (not on list)
    Olivia Siobhan (not on it)
    Olivia Justine (932, been going down for years)
    Olivia Daaé (not on it- Last name of the main female character in Phantom of the Opera, I love its sound)
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    Olivia is stunning! Why is it such a bad thing to have a popular name? I mean, sure all of us here would like to use less popular names, but there's nothing wrong with Olivia. It has the great association to Olivia in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night (which is where it is rumored that the name came from, I believe)... it's a classic. Girly, but still has nns to suit just about every personality. It's so smart and fun and could even be princessy. It's popular for a reason. It's pretty much always been popular (it's never been outside of the top 500, and it's been in the top 200 for the past 21-22 years). My name was the second most popular girls' name in the country when I was born, and four years later when my sister came along, it was the most popular girls' name. I've never hated the popularity of my name. In fact, I've loved the popularity factor of my name, and little miss Liv might love that about her name, too. It can give her a connection with other Olivias around her. Some of my best friends have been other Ashleys I've met in school. Using an unpopular name is nice, but sometimes it can be overrated. It sounds like it's perfect for your friend, so I wouldn't worry about it.

    A few ideas I had:

    Olivia Maren
    Olivia Ariadne/Olivia Arianne
    Olivia Thisbe (considering this myself!)
    Olivia Phoebe (Phoebe is listed, but I think it spices up Olivia nicely...)
    Olivia Zinnia
    Olivia Emmeline
    Olivia Aurelie/Olivia Aurelia
    Olivia Eleni
    Olivia Poppy
    Olivia Zenobia
    Olivia Ginevra
    Olivia Genevie
    Olivia Clementine

    Good luck to your friend!
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