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    Feedback on Preliminary Name List

    Evangeline (nn Evie)
    Maeve (too short?)
    Penelope (nn Penny? Poppy?)

    Angus or August (nn Gus)
    Beauregard (nn Beau) or just Beau
    Ezekiel (nn Zeke)
    Quinn or Quentin (nn Quinn)
    Solomon (possible nn Solo)
    Zebediah or Zebulon (nn Zeb)

    Other suggestions along these lines? I'm trying to avoid mega-popular names. I was always one of three of four girls with my name, and I'm trying to avoid that. I have Irish, Native American, German, and Scottish roots. Also, any nicknames for any of the above would be appreciated.
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    Abilene -- This is interesting. I like it, but it feel southern charm to me too. NN = Abby
    Annabel -- i've seen this one around so much lately. it always makes me think of a cow though >.< NN = Belle
    Eliza -- This is very classic with a lovely sound. i've also seen it around a lot recently.
    Evangeline (nn Evie) -- Love this! Love your nickname too
    Georgia -- not a fan of place names unless they have a meaning to you
    India -- see above
    Isis -- LOVE this. A friend just got a new baby sister (whose 1 now actually) whose name is Isis.
    Juliet -- Very pretty
    Juniper -- Not a fan. i don't find tihs pretty at all. NN- June/Junie
    Maeve (too short?) -- NMS
    Nadia -- Love this. It has a wonderful sound and is much better than the over used Natalie
    Penelope (nn Penny? Poppy?) -- I love Nell for this name and I love it's meaning more than the actual name
    Persephone -- LOVE. People tend to forget that she has a lot of positive stuff to her mythology (like being the Goddess of Springtime and saving the world from being a wasteland) while favoring other names with equally/ more tragic stories. NN - Sephy
    Phoebe -- I really like this but always think of it while picturing a child and never a grown woman
    Rosalie -- one of the better Rose names, but I prefer Rosaline
    Savannah -- NMS
    Scarlett -- I like this but hate that it has "Scarlett the Harlot" as a teasing potential.
    Seraphina -- This is very pretty. NN - Sera

    Arlo -- I like it okay
    Asa -- NMS
    Angus or August (nn Gus) -- August definitely. I love this name! I like Augusten nn August better though
    Beauregard (nn Beau) or just Beau -- Just Beau. Very charming and handsome
    Cedar -- not at all. I don't think it has a very appealing feel for a name
    Cyrus -- LOVE
    Declan -- It's not my favorite or my least favorite Irish name. I like Devlin better
    Elliot -- LOVE
    Ezekiel (nn Zeke) -- I like Zeke better on it's own. It sounds michievous and handsome
    Ezra -- NMS
    Gideon -- My husband loves this one. He thinks it sounds fresh and fun
    Jasper -- LOVE
    Jethro -- Very hillbillyish to me sorry. I like Jericho better
    Linus -- eh
    Quinn or Quentin (nn Quinn) -- I love Quinn for a boy! i like it by itself
    Sawyer -- All I think of it Tom Sawyer
    Silas -- NMS
    Simon -- LOVE
    Solomon (possible nn Solo) -- Solo is a strange nn but interesting! I don't like Solomon too much as a whole though. NN - Sol
    Wolf -- Not byitself sorry. I love the idea but not in real life
    Zebediah or Zebulon (nn Zeb) -- I've known one of each and they were both horrible womanizers so that gives me bad impressions of these names.

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    Abilene - This is also a town in Texas I would not want to name my kid after I like Abeline as an alternative
    Annabel - very nice, I like it
    Eliza - again nice classic name, I like it
    Evangeline (nn Evie) love this name, very Cajun and romantic
    Georgia -one of the rare place names that I think is pretty and stands on it's own
    India - this seems to be a nameberry favorite but it's too controversial/minorly offensive for me
    Isis- love this, a news anchor here has this name and pronounces it "eee sees" which I think is equally nice as the accepted pronunciation
    Juliet - love this too
    Juniper - like this but like Genévrier (juniper in french) better!
    Maeve (too short?) - dont care for this sound but I like Maevane which is semi-popular in France and I could see it easily working here if you wanted a similar name
    Nadia - love this name!
    Penelope (nn Penny? Poppy?) - a nameberry favorite but too flighty for me
    Persephone - nice but I would find it hard to wear
    Phoebe - love this name, very classy, sophisticated but light and fun at the same time. Just the right ammount of popularity but still not that common.
    Rosalie -was never a huge fan and now that tons of twilight fans have taken to using it I would avoid it, which is unfortunate since it's a nice name. I like Roselise and Roselaine as alternatives
    Savannah - this name is nms, it seems like a "stage" name to me (thats the nicest way to put it) but it is a lovely sounding word
    Scarlett - nice but probably more popular then what youre looking for
    Seraphina - all I can think of now is Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

    Arlo - very country bumpkin/Arlo Guthrie for me but it seems popular here so why not
    Asa - this is a family name for me so Im fond of it
    Angus or August (nn Gus) - LOVE August but cant stand Angus, evokes an overweight bratty kid (I think there was a movie which is why) or steak/burgers
    Beauregard (nn Beau) or just Beau - too southern/civil war for me
    Cedar - I dont really think of this as a name, I guess its nms
    Cyrus - love it! I had a professor with this first name!
    Declan -nms but nice
    Elliot - nms dont care for it
    Ezekiel (nn Zeke) -Ezekiel is too biblical for me, Zeke is too old timey pioneer
    Ezra - nice but I think Enzo is a better E-Z name
    Gideon - not a fan, all I can think of is Gideon bibles
    Jasper - love this name because its a family name but the Twilight association kills it for me
    Jethro - too beverly hillbillies for me
    Linus - will always be a Peanuts name only for me but its perfectly nice and usable
    Quinn or Quentin (nn Quinn) - Love Quentin but not Quinn (unless its a nn)
    Sawyer - not a fan, too surnamish for me
    Silas - Makes me think of Silas Marner, which is not my favorite book so Im not a fan
    Simon - nms but I think its a nice name
    Solomon (possible nn Solo) - too biblical for me
    Wolf - not a fan sorry
    Zebediah or Zebulon (nn Zeb) - too old time pioneer for me
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    Abilene- sounds very southern to me, or very Texas
    Annabel- I like this name, I've used it for stuff. But there is the children's movie Annabel's Wish, which features a cow, if that matters to you.
    Eliza- I like this. I think of the show the Wild Thornberries from when I was kid, and Eliza was spunky. (nn Ellie)
    Evangeline (nn Evie)- Love
    Georgia- I have a friend whose sister's name is Georgia, but they spelled it Jorgia. Gives it less of a "I'm naming my kid after a state" feel to me. (nn Georgie/Jorgi)
    India- Cute
    Isis- LOVE (I wanted to be an Egyptologist as a kid)
    Juliet- very pretty
    Juniper- not my cup of tea
    Maeve (too short?)- Love it. There's a little girl who does Irish dance at my dance school named Maeve, she's adorable
    Nadia- I know a little girl (her father is Russian) who is named this. She's precious, and I love the name.
    Penelope (nn Penny? Poppy?)- not to my liking at all. I do prefer Poppy as a nickname if it's going to be used though
    Persephone- New, trendy, not commonly used. I like it.
    Phoebe- Once again, just not my style. Pretty, I like it for other people, I just wouldn't use it.
    Rosalie- Very sweet. Makes me think of a blonde hair, blue eyed girl frolicking in the fields.
    Savannah- I know a little girl with this name. She's an old soul. It's a great name, I like it a lot.
    Scarlett- Not my style.
    Seraphina- Very pretty, but the only nickname is a very plain "Sera". If I used this, I'd not use a nickname.

    Arlo- Not for me.
    Asa- I'm not 100% certain how this is pronounced.
    Angus or August (nn Gus)- I like August, don't like Angus. It's screams "steak".
    Beauregard (nn Beau) or just Beau- I don't care for Beauregard. Seems like trying to hard. Beau is nice and simple and not used much. I go to school with a guy named Beau and he's very nice.
    Cedar- eh...not so much for me.
    Cyrus- Makes me think of Miley or Billy Ray...sorry
    Declan- I like this.
    Elliot- Getting used quite a bit lately, but a nice name. Just depends on how much you want to chance there being 2 elliots in class.
    Ezekiel (nn Zeke)- I like Zeke. I don't care for Ezekiel.
    Ezra- Don't care for Ezra either.
    Gideon- Not for me.
    Jasper- LOVE LOVE IT
    Jethro- Makes me think of NCIS, which is cool, but it is kind of an old guy name. Would work for a middle name I think.
    Linus- Snoopy. Nope.
    Quinn or Quentin (nn Quinn)- Love Quinn. Don't care for Quentin. Isn't there a Johhny Cash song with Quentin in it? San Quentin Prison or something...
    Sawyer- Following the last name as a first name trend. Not my favorite, but it is a valid name.
    Silas- Nope
    Simon- Still think no, courtesy of American Idol
    Solomon (possible nn Solo)- I knew a very nice guy named Solomon. He was very polite and an all around good guy, so this name has good connotations for me.
    Wolf- I like it. It's daring, and I probably wouldn't use it, but I do like it a lot...
    Zebediah or Zebulon (nn Zeb)- I'm gonna go with no.
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    Abilene - It's ok. Not really a fan though.
    Annabel - Like it, love Anna.
    Eliza - Not bad. NMS but it's a nice name.
    Evangeline (nn Evie) - Like the nn Evie but it's just NMS.
    Georgia - It's ok.
    India - Don't really like "obvious" place names if that makes sense? Or maybe well known is a better term?
    Isis - I kinda like it. It could grow on me.
    Juliet - Love it.
    Juniper - Not a fan.
    Maeve - Like, NMS though.
    Nadia - Like it.
    Penelope - Love it. I like Penny as a nn.
    Persephone - It's ok.
    Phoebe - Love it.
    Rosalie - Like it.
    Savannah - Don't like, but I also have a bad association.
    Scarlett - Like.
    Seraphina - LOVE!

    Arlo - Like.
    Asa - Too short IMO.
    Angus or August (nn Gus) - Don't like Angus at all. Reminds me of angus burgers. August is ok just NMS.
    Beauregard (nn Beau) or just Beau - Sorry, I hate this name. Nothing's wrong with it, it's just really really NMS.
    Cedar - Not a fan.
    Cyrus - I don't know if I could get past the Miley/Billy Ray connection. Otherwise I'd probably like it.
    Declan - NMS but a good name.
    Elliot - LOVE!!!
    Ezekiel (nn Zeke) - Like it.
    Ezra - I know it's a boy name but for some reason it sounds feminine to me. I don't know why.
    Gideon - It's ok.
    Jasper - I can't get behind this name.
    Jethro - Not a fan.
    Linus - It's ok, but it always reminds me of Charlie Brown.
    Quinn or Quentin (nn Quinn) - Like.
    Sawyer - Meh.
    Silas - Like it.
    Simon - It's ok.
    Solomon (possible nn Solo) - It's ok, NMS.
    Wolf - Don't like as a first name.
    Zebediah or Zebulon (nn Zeb) - Ok, not sure though.

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