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    Mikhail would be lovely, and Mikhail Ethan sounds fine!
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    I agree that Mikhail Ethan would be lovely! If you're looking for other "M" names, what about Micah, Maxwell (or just Max?), Morgan, Maddox (could also use Max as a nn for this, too)... I also love the suggestions of Matthias, Milo, Marius, or Malachi (nn Mac or Kai, maybe?).

    Good luck!
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    What about Micajah? Sorry, but Makaiel just looks like you were trying to be creative with Michael.

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    I had NO idea how to pronounce it with the Makaiel spelling. Mikhail is a legitimate Russian name but I fear it will be pronounced mick-hail. It's still less confusing than Makaiel though. With a long and unusual last name you might consider choosing a first name that is a bit more familiar. There have been some good suggestions here. Also you might like to check out the M section of Nameberry's name lists, also has tons of names.

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    Thank you all for taking the time to provide your input for me and my wife. Our son's due date is in June so I'm sure we'll continue to think of more names. My wife really wanted to spell Ma-Kyle as Makyle but I was thinking that people would mistake the name for "Ma-kylie", which is a girl's name. So, I suggested to spell the name as Ma-kai-el for several reasons: 1) I thought it would be a little bit easier to pronounce, 2) it's sounds Hawaiian, 3) I liked the name Makai, which means "who is like God?", and 4) we wanted the name and spelling to be unique.

    Other names that I thought of, but my wife wasn't fond of them :/

    1. Micah Alexander (I like Micah, and Alexander sounds strong!)
    2. Macaden (this one was just OK to me)
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