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    I still think that using two word names in a row looks odd, like you're describing a specific type of elm (the one at the river, the one where all the butterflies hang out). I love the name Magnolia, but it adds another tree to the bunch. Magnolia River Elm sounds like you couldn't pick which natural feature you liked best. I love the use of Elm to incorporate your family's names, so I'd keep that one. Between River and Butterfly, I guess I like River better. IMO Butterfly sounds like a name a four-year-old gives to her Barbie; it also makes me think of Madame Butterfly, who meets a very sad, upsetting end. To incorporate Butterfly, I would still opt for a name with that meaning or connection to butterflies, like Nova or Mazarine. Have you heard the Irish myth of Étaín? She is a princess that an Irish warrior falls in love with. Unfortunately, he's already married and his jealous wife turns Etain into a butterfly. There's a long string of adventures in which she gets reborn a thousand years later and eventually she and her hero are reunited and turn into swans or something. Etain has also been spelled Edain, Aideen, Aedin, and Adaon, and I think any of those would be a great nod to "Butterfly." Plus the part when she turns into a swan makes for a subtle connection to the constellation Cygnus.

    Of the four names you wrote out, I like Daphne Luna Elm best hands-down and Logan Aurora Elm the least (I think think all-star Logan doesn't fit with eclectic Wolfgang). I would recommend Azure Calliope Elm (love!), Scarlet Nova Elm (I still think Nova hits all the bases as a star and butterfly name), Daphne Etain Elm, or Daphne Aideen Elm. If you really want to use Butterfly, then I would recommend against using it with a color name like Scarlet. "Scarlet Butterfly Elm" makes me envision a tree covered in red butterflies. Aurora Butterfly Elm is better.

    Have you considered fitting the letters "ELM" into another name? Elma, Selma, Thelma, Wilhelmina (Winnie), Elmira or Elmire, Delma, Velma, etc? Or maybe you could unite all the names together? Lily Emmaline? Just some more ideas...

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    Instead of "Butterfly" how about...

    Lepidoptera - Latin order name for Butterfly, at a whopping 6 syllables use with a shorter first

    Luna - could refer to the Moon or to the Luna Moth which is commonly perceived as a butterfly and in the Southern U.S. can emerge as early as March.

    Monarch, Swallowtail, Lacewing, Page, Jezebel, Pierrot, Blue, Plum, Judy, Skipper, Zabulon, Mallow are names/parts of names of butterfly varieties. Additionally here is a list of North American butterflies which might be appropriate for the Native American ancestry:

    The name Vanessa has some interesting history and is also the name of a butterfly variety.

    Other girls names meaning butterfly include (trying to avoid repeats)
    Chou/Cho (Japanese)
    Parvaneh (Persian)
    Parwana (central Asian
    Kelebek (Turkish)
    Flutura (Albanian)
    Chouko (butterfly child in Japanese)
    Yara (Arabic)
    Kallima (English)
    Yaritza (Portugese)
    Eilier (Welsh)
    Caparina (Spanish)
    Papillon (French)
    Farfalla (Italian)
    Henley (this says it means "social butterfly)
    Nabi (Korean)
    Nova (dual meaning: English new; Hopi tribe chasing a butterfly)
    Kimimela (Sioux tribe)
    Kimama (Shoshone tribe)
    Kimana (Shoshone tribe)
    Memengwa (Ojibwa tribe)

    Hope this helps give you some ideas.

    Mama to C, Z, E, P, D, & G

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    Saracita, I think you need to write a guest blog on butterfly names! That was fascinating!
    Pam Satran

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    Wow, what a compliment! Thank you.

    Mama to C, Z, E, P, D, & G

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    I really love Nova. I had never heard it until our friends in Seattle named their lil grrl that. She is a fierce mix of Chinese and American. Her parents are cool and the name is awesome.Sadly Our son says that is nova's name LOL

    Monarch is cool too but husband says it is a boys name. I guess as far as manly butterfly's go that is the manliest ;-)

    DS is set on Butterfly if we use it. we have convinced him that it can be her super secret name he gets to call her only.
    Mama to Wolfgang Orion. Adding a new addition to the family March 2, 2012.

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