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    Can't commit on Logan for some reason

    So we have a son. Wolfgang Orion, and we are expecting March 3 (OMG SO SOON)

    We had kind of settled on Logan River Elm for our lil grrl. I like a stronger girl name but am also drawn to longer fem names.

    I am thinking maybe Logan Butterfly Elm, since my son calls her butterfly I woudl like to incorporate it and hate Mariposa. River has some meaning to me though.

    We also have some other names:

    Scarlette (love charlotte but too many charlottes)
    Azure (I like the sound of Azure Elm)
    Luna (can't sell DH on this)
    Willow (too many willows I think)

    A few others but I am dieing here. She is gonna be here so soon. I have total brain freeze on picking a name for her. Everyone loves Wolfgang and if they don't well they don't ever say anything now that he is a person. Plus it carried so much meaning for us. He was born in January and that has the Wolf moon. I am from german descent, my husband native american (ie Wolf) and his middle name is for my husbands father, the first constellation he ever showed my DH. I cannot find the meaning for her.

    Help :-(
    Mama to Wolfgang Orion. Adding a new addition to the family March 2, 2012.

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    I don't know if you're looking for help on the middle names or on the whole here goes

    I personally think that Wolfgang and Logan jar. Wolfgang Orion is eclectic, but meaningful; unusual, but approachable with its nn. Even though Logan doesn't hold a high rank for girls (the only one I "know" is Logainne from Broadway's Putnam County Spelling Bee, the sweet, awkward child with two gay parents who wins!), the name is ranked at #17 among boys. She'll probably have other Logans in her classes, which (even if they're boys) means she'll be Logan E. or Girl Logan. To me, the name has an All-American, popular vibe which pulls it further from Wolfgang's feel.

    I think Azure, Daphne, and Aurora are incredible with Wolfgang. I think Azure is particularly great because there are several species of butterflies called Azures: Summer Azure, Spring Azure, Small Azure. If you wanted to take it in that longer, more feminine direction, you might try Azura. Daphne makes me smile; it complements Wolfgang's heavy sound with something airy and light. Aurora is gorgeous; it has the nature imagery of the Aurora Borealis and light, but it has a heavier sound to go with Wolfgang. Icing on the cake? Rory is a great, masculine nickname. Here are some more suggestions, though.

    For a stronger, unisex name, I'd turn to: Bronte, Titian or Hopper, Brooks (works "river" in), August, Timber, Sage, Pax/Paxton, Indigo, Gray, Arlo, Archer (isn't Orion an archer, too?), Schuyler/Skylar, North, Rigby or Sloane.

    For a longer, more feminine name: Althea, Marcella, Roxana, Rowena, Calliope, Willa (instead of Willow), Rosamund (got your German descent), Adelaide, Penelope.

    For middles, I think Butterfly lacks the subtly and beauty of Orion (plus two words in one name is a lot if you plan to use Elm). If Mariposa doesn't do it for you, here are more names incorporating that meaning: Nova (Hopi: "chases butterflies"), Kimama (Shoshone), Aponi (not sure which Native American tribe this originates from), Papillion (French), Euthalia (a genus of butterflies), Atala (a species), and Mazarine (for the species Mazarine Blue).

    I also think it would be really cute to connect your children with constellation/star names. What about using Electra (in the Perseides), Estelle/Estella ("star"), Seren ("star"), Nova (a kind of star AND it has the butterfly meaning!), Halley (the comet), Lyra (constellation), Columba, Andromeda, Thalassa (a star), Ariel (a moon), Phoebe (a moon)....There are tons more.

    So I think Wolfgang Orion would be great with...
    Azure Daphne Elm
    Azure Nova Elm
    Azura River Phoebe
    Daphne Electra Elm
    Daphne Lyra Elm
    Daphne Euthalia Elm
    Aurora Marazine Elm
    Aurora River Estelle
    Bronte Columba Elm
    Rosamund Aponi Elm
    Schuyler Nova Elm

    and so forth. I hope this gives you some more ideas. If you want to stick with Logan, maybe Logan Aponi/Euthalia/Mazarine Elm would do the trick.

    Best of luck. Sorry for the novel...

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    I think the problem is that Wolfgang Orion is very masculine, and so is Logan River Elm. If I saw these two names together I'd think they were brothers. Wolfgang and Logan also have two completely different feels. Wolfgang is very unusual and, may I say, bad ass, whereas Logan is common and sounds like the All-American boy.

    ellenelle gave lots of great suggestions. I'd also like to add Maren, Mariska, Saskia, Edith, Corinne, Imogen, Rhiannon, and Tamsin. Just a few strong female names off the top of my head. Rhiannon has the bonus of the Fleetwood Mac song, which I love. I'd keep River in the middle because it's such a cool name.

    Wolfgang and Aurora are awesome together. Personally I find Aurora hard to say though. From your list I also like Wolfgang and Daphne and Wolfgang and Azure.

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    I don't think I can improve on Ellenelle's response and agirlinred made some excellent additions. I prefer Daphne or Aurora to Azure and Aurora would be my number one pick: I think it has the same dramatic feel as Wolfgang, which makes it a match. I definitely think you should go unusual, feminine, quirky, but traditionally-rooted, and so a few other ideas:

    Pam Satran

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    Logan is a definite boys name to me. Paired with the middle names you suggested, it definitly sounds like a boy.
    If meaning is important to you in a name, then def incorporate butterfly somehow, that would be so nice for your son to help name her!
    Maybe Scarlet Butterfly?

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