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  • Rose Millicent

    7 9.21%
  • Ada Clementine

    2 2.63%
  • Ada Beatrice

    14 18.42%
  • Mae Seraphina

    6 7.89%
  • Mae Clementine

    11 14.47%
  • Maeve Adeline

    36 47.37%
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    Wink Need a name for Wren's little sister!

    I'm pregnant with our second girl and DH and I are looking for a name .
    Our baby's big sister is Wren Claribelle.

    We've decided to keep the name we choose a secret from family and friends due to a bad reaction we got from Wren's name.

    Our choices:

    Rose Millicent
    Ada Clementine
    Ada Beatrice
    Mae Seraphina
    Mae Clementine
    Maeve Adeline
    Mommy to...
    Wren Claribelle (2 yrs old)
    Her baby sister is on her way (due in March)

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    Wren is beautiful, but Rose feels way to close to it to me.

    I love love love Ada, Mae and Maeve, but I think Maeve works best with Wren. It's a little more unusual, distinctive and quirky, like Wren in my opinion. As opposed to Mae and Ada which feel ultra feminine.

    Clementine also feels a little close to Claribelle as a middle, unless thats a connection you want them to have? If so, I'd be weary if theres a chance that you may have more children since you may want to carry on the theme with another middle beginning with "Cl".

    Maeve Beatrice, Maeve Seraphina and Maeve Adeline all work really well in my opinion. I think Adeline and Seraphina are my favs with Wren Claribelle though.

    So I voted for Maeve Adeline, hope that helps and best of luck!

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    Thank you !!
    I think Maeve is my favorite right now, too.
    Mommy to...
    Wren Claribelle (2 yrs old)
    Her baby sister is on her way (due in March)

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    I love Maeve Adeline the most, very sweet and spunky to go with her sister's name. Just my two cents, but Rose seems much too close to Wren in sound... It's tongue twisting saying them out loud.
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    My vote went to Maeve Adeline!
    Cecilia + Daphne + Ronan + Henry

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