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    Opnion and advice on names! Big list.

    DH & I will be TTC this spring and since Dec we have begun mentally preparing and having fun name talk. We want to build a good starter list now because there is no 9-month deadline, then once we conceive we plan on really breaking it down to 3 names until the birth day, deciding after we meet the baby.

    Info: Last name is Barlage. I would like a name that is not overly popular, but most importantly isn't trendy. At the same time I want a name that is unique and stands out. DH wants a name that isn't so unique its weird, but doesn't want an overly popular name either, and like me, wants to avoid trendy names. He is against names that can be found in the dictionary but turns out there have been some he has liked because of the meaning. He doesn't like boy names for girls, he prefers them to be obviously feminine. He was born and raised in the mid west and is 1/4 japanese, I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada and moved to the US to be with him. He was in the military when we met. I am bilingual, my family is French Canadian and I would like to have a name with CDN or FR influence, but its not a must, dh and his english family need to be able to pronounce it. We want a name with impact. We want a more traditional mn and are not focusing on that just yet. We plan on pulling a name from our family.

    So here is our list so far. This has been discussed and reviewed with my husband, my job is to make THE LIST and he will pick it down from there until we choose our top 3. I was never that little girl who used to think of baby names ect... as a kid. Only one name came to me a few year ago, and I only actually thought about baby names this winter now that we are planning to conceive. I think part of me wanted to save the excitement haha. The list below is of names we'd actually use, I didn't cover names I loved but couldn't use.

    Gloria: Immediately loved this one when I saw it, dh thought it was old lady but wants to keep it on the list. I love the name itself but it is on the top 100 of all time list, which is good and bad. It stands the test of time but is also fairly common/known. LOVE the nn Glow
    Avelyn: I love A names, like Ava and I find this makes a good combo to incorporate that and my mothers name, Lynn.
    Anouk: Really nice French name that dh and I like but i doesn't vibe with our ln.
    Lyric: Dh is not a huge fan but I love it and refuse to let it go until we have a baby to think about.
    Rosalie/Roselyn: Love it, too trendy now thanks to Twilight, but just not ready to let go yet.
    Sloane: A less feminine name and doesn't flow perfect with out last name but I do really enjoy it, and it reminds dh of Ferris Bueller.
    Ophelia: A name dh and I love and are not bothered by the Shakespeare character's tragedy.
    Arden/Arwen: Another A name we love. DH liked the Lord of the Rings vibe, and so do I actually haha but the e sounding ending may be too close to the e sound in our ln.
    Luna: Adore this name but our close friends have a dog named Luna... which could take some time getting over.
    Alba/Alma: I love the sounds of these names but the nn "Al" scares the bejesus outta me... so they may not make it far at the end of the day. Sadness.
    Evrose: Another vowel fn that I love that incorporates Rose, which I also really like and so does dh.
    Arianne: This one seems to cover a lot of our criteria and I can see us using it, but it hasn't jumped off the page yet. May just be too early in the game, because none have.
    Raina: Nice feminine name, and it makes me think of "queen" in french, which is reine.
    Millicent: A name I adore but dh doesn't like, in his opinion its just sticking Melissa and Vincent together haha but he stopped hating it after I kept saying how much I love it, and the nn Millie.
    Esmé: A name we discovered no doubt thanks to Twilight, but I really love it and it fits a lot of our criteria so I say who cares about Twilight haha I would have found it and loved it regardless.
    Emmelyn/Emlyn/Emelyn/Emalyn: Obviously undecided on the spelling, I like the lyn ending a lot and vowel beginning. Important note, I actually do not like the name Emily/Emma and it scares me that it is so close. I knew too many girls by both these names growing up.
    Emmeline/Emeline/Emmaline: variation with the line ending. I think these are all beautiful names but I worry about them being too close to the names I don't care for.
    Maple: Name I first saw here on the birth announcements. I adore it, and the nn "May" which is also when we plan on TTC lol (TMI), and being Canadian I am obviously very fond of all things maple. I was terrified to tell dh about this one but he actually quite likes it, he just had to make fun of it a bit first which is why I am hesitant about it.
    Zahra: Prefer the spelling Zara but this spelling makes the pronunciation more obvious, which I prefer. I love the Z but wonder if it is too A heavy for our ln... which I think a lot of our options are.
    Fianna: Love this name too, as well as Fionna and Brianna.
    Quincy: Unisex name that can feel very feminine, dh agrees and we love the nn "Quin"
    Arielle: I love this name but dh has a distant cousin named Ariel, so he isn't all the way on board. Love the nn "Ari" again here.
    Chenault: First learned this name a few years ago when I read The Rum Diary by HST. DH said the character reminded him of me, which I have heard before. Nice French name too that is unique. Easy to make the list.
    Darynn: Randomly came across this name and spelling on a name list, dh and I both really like it and that it ends in yn/ynn like my moms name.
    Emerance/Emerence: Close to some of the other em names that we love but a bit more off, which we kind of like actually.
    Lumen: First heard on Dexter and love love love it, it's meaning too. It's also close to Luna without being the name of a friends dog haha. Crushing this baby pretty hard.

    Edmond: My grandfather's name, I look up to him so much and he is an extremely important person in my life. This is the ONLY name I ever considered years ago and held onto to when he passed away. I love the name in every way but have been having troubles accepting the idea of calling my child by the same name as my grandpa. He went by Ed, we would use Eddie... I still love it though and so does dh without hesitation. If it is not a fn I have no doubt it'll be the mn. We would consult family before using this name.
    Daxton: I love names with the letter X, nn Dax.
    Emrys: Love names that start with vowels haha.
    Huxley: X factor again...
    Lennox: One of my most favorite names but fear the nn Lenny... but not so much anymore.
    Remington: Love the nn "Remy", 3 syllables which I also like.
    Marlow: Love it, but my mom's bf's granddaughter is Marley, which I also adore.
    Griffin: Love the masculine and character feel.
    Lucian: Dh's suggestion. It's not awful, I really like the name but I just like others more.
    Trace: Another masculine and character feeling name.
    Sullivan: DH and I love this name and the nn "Sully" but when I was at a restaurant the other day I met a boy named Sullivan and it made the name seem undesirable.
    Maxfield: DH loves the name Max, this would be my favorite mix of that, I like Maxen too but it seems a bit too close to Maxim.
    Arlo: A name I found after I fell in love with Marlow.
    Leopold: More unique traditional name IMO, and love the nn Leo.
    Edison: Could be another option if we can't accept Edmond, but would rule out Edmond as a mn.
    Edwin: Same as above.
    Fitzroy/Fitzgerald: Love the nn "Fitz" but wouldn't use it on its own. Fitzroy is a town near where I grew up so that would be weird, and I did not like Pride and Prejudice so wouldn't want people asking if thats why we went with Fitzgerald.
    Jetson: Love the nn "Jet"... and just really love this name all around.
    Montgomery: Really like this 3 syllable name with the nn Monty.
    Quinten: More masculine version of Quincy IMO, and can still use the nn Quin.
    Vincent: I really like this name but know too many Vincents/Vinny's... a man accidentally called my husband Vincent once and he didn't correct him because he really liked the name haha so it's on our list for dh.
    Rafferty: Like button.
    Phineas: Love this nn "Phin" but learned that dh has a cousin who had a baby named Finn... and there is an ongoing joke in the family that they copy everything we do. He joined the army, cousin joined, he got married, cousin got married, we got a dog named Hudson, they got a dog named Hudson, so then when we went back home to visit we made jokes to the family saying we should pretend that we are going to have a baby and see if they do... and then 4 months later they announced they were and apparently everyone thought we were too. They conceived shortly after that weekend we saw them lol so you see, we really couldn't use this name now. Ps we pick up/rescue strays, they started doing the same lol. Finn/Phineas likeliness is complete coincidence.
    Django: Cool in so many ways.
    Goodwyn: Awesome in so many ways.

    Unisex-Marlyn: My father is Mark, mom is Lynn... this mixes them both nicely but is probably too close to Marley to use. We'll see haha.

    Can you see any real but nonos that I missed? Help me remove names that have no reason being there or find names that I did not. I feel like I am missing something big when it comes to the girl names, even though I like a lot of our options.
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    Gloria: It's ok. Not a name you hear much anymore on kids so I like that.
    Avelyn: I think I like Ava Lynn better, but this isn't too bad.
    Anouk: I think if it doesn't go with your last name, might be a toss.
    Lyric: This is a hard name to pull off I think.
    Rosalie/Roselyn: I like it. I don't get the Twilight reference personally since I'm not a fan.
    Sloane: Too masculine for my taste but there is something I like about it.
    Ophelia: Different for sure, kind of pretty. It's a maybe IMO.
    Arden/Arwen: I kind of like them. Hard to say if it would go with your last name though without knowing it.
    Luna: I like it but more for a pet. Means "moon" in Spanish. I'm not the biggest fan of Spanish word names unless you're a Spanish speaker.
    Alba/Alma: Don't really like.
    Evrose: Don't like. What about Eve, Eva, Evelyn, or Eden with Rose as a middle?
    Arianne: It's ok. I like Ariana more.
    Raina: It's ok.
    Millicent: It's one of those names I'm just not sure about. I don't hate it at all, I'm just not sure how much I like it.
    Esmé: I like it. Like with Rosalie, I don't see the reference. For me, "Twilight" names are Bella, Edward and Jacob.. oh and that Renesmee name, whatever it is.
    Emmelyn/Emlyn/Emelyn/Emalyn: Not sure. Not a huge fan.
    Emmeline/Emeline/Emmaline: I like Emmeline. But I agree, she may get called Emma or Em.
    Maple: I like the connection to it, but I think it's a little too much.
    Zahra: I like it.
    Fianna: I like Brianna and Fiona more.
    Quincy: I think it's too masculine. What about just Quinn? That's become more feminine.
    Arielle: I like it. To me it's different from Ariel (Ari-ELLE vs ARI-ell).
    Chenault: Don't like, sorry.
    Darynn: Way too masculine IMO.
    Emerance/Emerence: Don't like.
    Lumen: It's ok.

    Edmond: I understand the hesitation. I'd feel odd calling my child the same name as a loved one. I'd say definitely go for it for a middle name!
    Daxton: Not a huge fan. What about Dexter?
    Emrys: I like it but I kind of feel this might be more common for girls? Might be wrong.
    Huxley: Not a fan.
    Lennox: Not bad. Lennon?
    Remington: I like the Remy nn, not the biggest fan of the full name.
    Marlow: It's ok.
    Griffin: Reminds me of Family Guy personally :-)
    Lucian: I like it. What about Lucas or Luca?
    Trace: Kinda like it. Country sounding to me (Trace Atkins or whatever).
    Sullivan: It's ok.
    Maxfield: I like Max. What about Maxwell or Maximilian?
    Arlo: Like it a lot more than Marlow!
    Leopold: Love it.
    Edison: Ok. I like Edmond more.
    Edwin: Actually, I like this one more.
    Fitzroy/Fitzgerald: Too last namey to me.
    Jetson: Don't like. What about just Jett?
    Montgomery: Not bad.
    Quinten: It's ok.
    Vincent: Like it.
    Rafferty: Don't like.
    Phineas: Well, with that story I don't think I'd use it! It's a good name though.
    Django: Don't like. What about Diego?
    Goodwyn: Too much of a last name.

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    Thanks for your insight Jennipea! My last name is in my op, beginning of the second paragraph. I don't want to post I here too often haha.

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    Shoot I missed the girl name Noella too... That's on the list haha.

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    Gloria: I don't mind this name. It's not terribly common, which is a plus.
    Avelyn: I'm not a big fan. I think I'm oversaturated on Ava names.
    Anouk: I'm not sure what I think... I think I like it.
    Lyric: I kind of like it. I'm not sure it's a name I would use myself, but I think it's pretty.
    Rosalie/Roselyn: I've never read Twilight, so the reference doesn't bother me. I LOVE the name Rosalie and might use it someday. Roselyn I'm not wild about.
    Sloane: I tend to prefer feminine names, so I don't love this.
    Ophelia: As long as you're not bothered by the Shakespeare tragedy, I say go for it. It's beautiful.
    Arden/Arwen: I don't like Arden for a girl, but I love Arwen. I have a friend whose fn and mn is (and I'm not kidding) Arwen Evenstar. It fits her.
    Luna: I love this name so much.
    Alba/Alma: These are two names that sound pretty, but like you say... Al kind of steals from the beauty.
    Evrose: I'm not really a fan of compound names. I would use a name like Eva or Evelyn with Rose or Rosalie as a middle.
    Arianne: I'm back and forth on this name. It's pretty, but it also sounds a bit like Aryan.
    Raina: Very pretty and feminine.
    Millicent: I love the nn MIllie, but I just can't warm up to Millicent.
    Esmé: Again, I've never read Twilight, but the writer obviously has good taste in names. This is quiet and feminine and will stand up to the test of time. I wouldn't let a book keep me from using a name I love.
    Emmelyn/Emlyn/Emelyn/Emalyn: I'm not a fan of smooshed names, so this doesn't appeal to me.
    Emmeline/Emeline/Emmaline: I do love Emmeline, though.
    Maple: This name is growing on me. It's really pretty.
    Zahra: This isn't my style, but it's not bad.
    Fianna: I'm don't love this one, but I do like Fiona.
    Quincy: I tend to think of the Quinn names as more masculine that feminine. It's not a bad choice, just not my favorite.
    Arielle: I like this much better than Arianne.
    Chenault: I'm not familiar with this, but it's a pretty name.
    Darynn: I don't like it. It's too masculine for me.
    Emerance/Emerence: I'd have to walk around with this one for a while.
    Lumen: It's okay...

    Edmond: I like it, and I love that there is a family tie with it.
    Daxton: I love the nickname Dax, but the fill name isn't my stule.
    Emrys: I actually like this, but it's not a name I'd use.
    Huxley: It's not my style, but it's okay.
    Lennox: I LOVE the name Lennox. You could always call him Knox as a nickname.
    Remington: I don't mind this. I love the nn Remy, and I think the full form might brow on me.
    Marlow: I'm a fan of detective novels, so the Philip Marlowe connection is attractive. But I think "girl" when I see it use for a first name.
    Griffin: This is a good, solid name.
    Lucian: I don't mind this.
    Trace: I'm actually a fan of Trace Atkins, so I can see this on a little boy. Has a rough and tumble feel about it.
    Sullivan: I love it, and I love the nickname Sully. But I know what you mean about meeting someone and having them ruin the image of the name.
    Maxfield: I prefer Maxwell, but this isn't bad. I love the nn Max.
    Arlo: I adore this name.
    Leopold: I like it, and I love the nn Leo.
    Edison: I actually love this, and I generally dislike last name names.
    Edwin: Not bad.
    Fitzroy/Fitzgerald: I like the nn Fitz, but I don't care for the full name.
    Jetson: I can't get The Jetsons out of my mind.
    Montgomery: I'm biased against this name, because I grew up with a Montgomery, and he gave me a negative impression of the name.
    Quinten: I really like this.
    Vincent: It's okay.
    Rafferty: It's okay.
    Phineas: I love this name.
    Django: A favorite of mine. I LOVE it.
    Goodwyn: I don't like it.
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