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    Christinamariane, we have had some Japanese names on this list but it's hard to find one westernized enough haha. I love Akira and Akiro, but Akira turned me off because Keira is so trendy right now. I'm certainly open to more.

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    Juliemarie, I am the same way with the nn Lenny! I used to not like it and nn would of been Nox but out of te blue I've grown quite fond of it. Which I like even more, because it fits our style. A name that makes you go Hmmmmmm? And then before you know it it's grown I you and you dot remember ever knowing it another way.

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    You have awide variety of styles and taste, which I rather envy, ok here goes! (from your original list)

    Gloria: This does feel dated to me, I think partly because I know 2 Gloria's my mother's age. Beyond that I like it.
    Avelyn: Not a huge fan of Lyn anything, I prefer Avalon, even just Ava, which I'm sure is too popular for your tastes.
    Anouk: LOVE. My favorite name for ages. If I am lucky enough to have a girl, she will be an Anouk. I think it sounds fine with your last name. I could only see a problem with a surname starting with K or maybe a sharp N sound in the last name.

    Lyric: I like it, I prefer other word names like Story, Fable, but I can understand the appeal.
    Rosalie/Roselyn: I am Biased as I can't stand Rose names (so overused and cutesy), except for Rosefinch and Primrose! Sorry no help on this one.
    Sloane: I like Sloane, it seems to get very divided opinions as some find it very masculine. I think it's a strong name for a girl.
    Ophelia: I don't have a problem with Shakespeare heroine thing, I knew an Ophelia in High School and she did not have any issues. Still for an O name, it's not my favorite sound. the phelia part turns me off a bit.
    Arden/Arwen: Love both of these for girls. Arwen is quite LOTR but so what, and Arden is lovely.
    Luna: I would avoid due to the dog thing, It's pretty but I always feel like something is missing with this name.
    Alba/Alma:Hmm I would not imagine the nn AL would come naturally for a girl. Ally is more likely. I adore Alma, I just love it -so very vintage and underused. Alba is very pretty too.
    Evrose: Not a fan of Eve or Rose so No.
    Arianne: I don't really care for this name or Adrienne or similar names. I see the Anne in it and think just plain Anna would be better. I am not a fan of Ari I suppose.
    Raina: Pretty..
    Millicent: I go back and forth on this one! There is something very put together and classic about it, but I don't know how wearable it is as a full name. I think Milly is inevitable, which is cute.
    Esmé: I've never seen Twilight, so I don't associate it with that. It's a lovely name with nice Literary connections. Probably my favorite on your list after Anouk.
    Emmelyn/Emlyn/Emelyn/Emalyn: Emmeline/Emeline/Emmaline: I like Emmaline. the rest don't do anything for me, especially the lyn endings.
    Maple: Adorable!
    Zahra: I like it, but I prefer Zara too.
    Fianna: Not really a fan. I like Finola though.
    Quincy: I agree with both you and your DH. Lovely.
    Arielle: NMS.
    Chenault: Interesting, it is a little surname sounding. But I'm intrigued
    Darynn: Too masculine.
    Emerance/Emerence: Lovely.
    Lumen: I like it I prefer this to Luna.
    Noella: very pretty. A nice variation on Noelle and Ella.

    Edmond: I woud use this as a middle name, given your family associations with it.
    Daxton: Not a big fan, but Dexter I like.
    Emrys: Lovely name. Really a great pick.
    Huxley: I almost love it.
    Lennox: I like it.
    Remington: NMS. Don't care for the full name at all, but Remi is a nice NN.
    Marlow: Love this on a boy or girl. It reminds me of 1940's detective movies. Quite stylish.
    Griffin: seems a bit dated and NMS
    Lucian: I always think this looks too close to Lucifer. Lucas or Luca is nice.
    Trace: Not a fan.
    Sullivan: Lovely name. I think Sully is so cute too.
    Maxfield: I prefer a different name to get Max, Maximillian, Maksim? I am sure there are more.
    Arlo: Love it.
    Leopold: I like it.
    Edison: I like it. I know a teenager with this name. He goes by Edison no nn's.
    Edwin: nice.
    Fitzroy/Fitzgerald: Reminds me more of the author F. Scott Fitzgerald. It's a bit of a heavy name. Have you thought of Fritz?
    Jetson: Reminds me of the Jetsons cartoon show.
    Montgomery: Love it, perhaps because I love the actor Montgomery Clift, Monty is very cute. Although it may remind some of The Simpsons.
    Quinten: I like it.
    Vincent: I like it but I'm not a fan of the nn Vinny.
    Rafferty: Dislike.
    Phineas: It's okay. But it seems like you have vetoed it, no great loss!
    Django: NMS
    Goodwyn: Not really a fan of such a virtue heavy name. Love the wyn ending.

    Unisex-Marlyn: Ambivelent, I think you have better names on both your lists
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    Thanks for your input blue dahlia, everyone has been so helpful! I have SO many more names I love and yes, a variety of style haha. I like the name Avalon BUT I want to avoid Ava, one because of popularity and two because my moms BFF who I have known since I was a kid is Eva, and so that's another reason why I am vetoing Ev/Av names. A lot of ppl cal out Jetson because of the cartoon, and I'm guilty in satin its actually a reason why I love it haha my hesitation is our dog is Hudson, the son ending is a bit too similar. I love Noella because it's delicately feminine and in French Canadians it is quite well known, I talk to ppl from QC all the time with this name. Since we don't like in QC it doesn't bother me.

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    I dont know why I forgot this but Lumen is a light measurement, so Im not sure if I would use it. I remember seeing this come up as a name before and saying that but I totally forgot because all I could think about was the makeup brand Lumene lol.
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