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    Gloria: Not a big fan, I think it's dated. However I do see the appeal to some degree.
    Avelyn: I would prefer Adalyn/Adelyn.
    Anouk: Love!
    Lyric: Again, not a big fan... what about Lyra? I actually think Lyra Barlage is to die for!
    Rosalie/Roselyn: Much prefer Rosalie, or if you're going to go with Roselyn, the spelling Rosalind/Roslyn.
    Sloane: I like it, but with your last name it's mediocre. Not terrible, though.
    Ophelia: It is pretty, but the "feel ya" jokes are inevitable. And even though you don't mind the tragic Shakespeare character, it'll still be all anyone else thinks about unfortunately.
    Arden/Arwen: Much prefer Arden, but either way, the repeating -ar sound in Arden/Arwen Barlage makes me think of pirates... sorry!
    Luna: I wouldn't use it, because of the dog. You don't want to have to ask "The baby or the dog?" when your friend calls her name.
    Alba/Alma: I don't know about these. Alba is very celeb, which isn't necessarily bad, but neither sounds great with your ln, sorry.
    Evrose: It's okay, it seems a little made-up. What about Primrose?
    Arianne: If it's pron. AIR-ee-anne or AIR-ee-en I think it's pretty, but ARR-ee-anne/en is giving me the pirate vibe again.
    Raina: Very pretty, and you could get even closer to the French word spelling it Reina (which is also queen in Spanish, haha)
    Millicent: Oh gosh, another person who likes Millicent! I thought I was the only one! I love it.
    Esmé: Very pretty. Love.
    Emmelyn/Emlyn/Emelyn/Emalyn: Way too close to Emily/Emma if that's what you're trying to avoid.
    Emmeline/Emeline/Emmaline: See above, esp. if you're pronouncing them Emma-leen or Em-leen.
    Maple: I like your reasons, and if the name has a lot of personal meaning for you I can't help but say go for it!
    Zahra: I also prefer the spelling Zara, I think people will know how to pronounce it. This one doesn't feel piratey even with the Ar sounds, I think it's just so exotic and pretty.
    Fianna: If you love Fiona or Brianna, I'd say use those. This to me just seems like an awkward squish of them, sorry.
    Quincy: The only Quincy I ever knew was male, but I could see it more on a girl. It's cute. May not age well.
    Arielle: I think I'm the only person in the world who doesn't like Arielle, mostly because it's a princess name. But for someone else it's beautiful.
    Chenault: Pretty. Much easier to use in Canada, I'm sure (I'm in the USA and nobody would EVER know how to pronounce/spell it!)
    Darynn: Darren (sp. this way) is exclusively a boys' name to me, sorry. The spelling Darynn is trendy and nms.
    Emerance/Emerence: Never heard of it, but it's okay. Sort of pretty. Reminds me of the word emanate, though.
    Lumen: This is an anatomical word which isn't the best connotation. Kind of icky, actually. Not a fan.

    Edmond: So handsome. Love it, and the meaning behind it (I plan on using my beloved grandfather's FN as a MN for my first boy also!)
    Daxton: Just go with Dax, I think it's easier and nicer.
    Emrys: Not bad, but it feels a little feminine to me.
    Huxley: I think of the Cosby show, I know they were the Huxtables but it just sounds so similar.
    Lennox: I actually like this, I used to think Lenny was a horrid NN but my good friend's husband is Len/Lenny and now I like it.
    Remington: I like it, it is the name of a gun company, IDK if that bothers you.
    Marlow: All girl, IMO. Marlon?
    Griffin: Not bad.
    Lucian: Also not bad.
    Trace: I disagree a little bit on the masculine sounding part, I think it sounds girly b/c of the name Tracy. That's not necessarily a bad thing though.
    Sullivan: Handsome!
    Maxfield: Handsome.
    Arlo: Pirates again. Arlo Barlage. It is a handsome name though.
    Leopold: I like it.
    Edison: I actually like this a lot, but because of Edmond's meaning to you I would say go with Edmond if you can.
    Edwin: It's okay, see above.
    Fitzroy/Fitzgerald: There are other Fitz names... like Fitzwilliam for instance. Or you could just go with Fitz. Even Frederick would be fine.
    Jetson: Not bad.
    Montgomery: Remington and Montgomery would make fantastic brothers!
    Quinten: Would prefer Quentin, and you could still have NN Quin with that.
    Vincent: I have a bad association, but it's a perfectly fine name. Handsome and nice and traditional.
    Rafferty: I honestly don't see the appeal, but I know it gets rave reviews, so maybe it's just me! I think it's okay.
    Phineas: I wouldn't, because of the cousin who unintentionally or intentionally copies everything. He'll think you named your kid after him because you like the attention so much, lol.
    Django: Absolutely fabulous. Love it.
    Goodwyn: Not a big fan.
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

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    Gloria: I feel like you can get to the nn Glow with a less well known, dated name, but it fits your criteria of "they won't like it right away."
    Avelyn: I really prefer Aveline or Avelina, but the significance of Lynn makes me appreciated the spelling.
    Anouk: I don't think this is a horrible choice with your ln.
    Lyric: I really don't like this one.
    Rosalie/Roselyn: very pretty.
    Sloane: This seems like a great middle name option.
    Ophelia: Love it.
    Arden/Arwen: "e" ending?
    Luna: love the name but not after a dog you see all the time.
    Alba/Alma: you could always use Allie as a nn?
    Evrose: not a fan.
    Arianne: nice, and Aria could be a nn.
    Raina: always loved this one, and Reina or Reine.
    Millicent: love it.
    Esmé: very nice.
    Emmelyn/Emlyn/Emelyn/Emalyn: definitely prefer Emmeline.
    Emmeline/Emeline/Emmaline: I don't think Emma, Emily and Emmeline are the same. Emmeline is in a class of it's own (a very awesome class).
    Maple: love, love, love.
    Zahra: I don't like this one.
    Fianna: I don't like it. I'd much prefer Fiamma (medieval Italian) or Fiona.
    Quincy: I think there are much better Quin names - Quintana, Quintina, Quintessa, etc
    Arielle: Ari is cute. How distant is this cousin?
    Chenault: love.
    Darynn: I actually kind of hate this...sorry!!
    Emerance/Emerence: same as above, sorry.
    Lumen: for some reason this sounds like the name of a lubricant brand to me, or eye lubricant maybe, but I have NO idea why.

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    cristinamariane Guest
    Edmond: great choice
    Daxton: this sounds really, super made up, although I don't know if it is.
    Emrys: this one's ok but doesn't seem to honor your heritage
    Huxley: much better than Daxton
    Lennox: avoid unwanted nns for this one by putting it in the middle. Edmond Lennox?
    Remington: Remy is super, super cute
    Marlow: really dislike
    Griffin: love.
    Lucian: meh. not that great.
    Trace: no
    Sullivan: this will always only be a surname to me.
    Maxfield: I much prefer Maksim.
    Arlo: much better than Marlow.
    Leopold: I could love this, esp. with the nn Leo.
    Edison: love, and would have the same nn as Edmond.
    Edwin: not nearly as great as Edison
    Fitzroy/Fitzgerald: I totally would have asked about Pride & Prejudice. lol
    Jetson: the Jetsons?
    Montgomery: Monty is super cute.
    Quinten: Quentin is much more handsome.
    Vincent: very handsome, very popular.
    Rafferty: teddy bear cute
    Phineas: you could try to find a different, similar nn and build on that. Like Fen - Fenway.
    Django: I'm not seeing the appeal. Dante, maybe?

    Have you thought about adding any Japanese names to your list? Kaede (kah-ay-day) means maple in Japanese. I have seen it used on both men and women, but mainly women.

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    Greyer, you seem to hit a lot of my doubts about each name on the head haha. As for the name Arianne, I pronounce it Ari-Anne because I knew it in French first but I'd see a lot of English only speakers saying air-ee-Anne. I like both so we'd need to settle in pronunciation haha. As for the friend with a dog named Luna, they live in the other side of the country now so at least the dog/child wouldn't get confused. My biggest qualm with Ophelia is the "feel ya" joke too. We prefer the Raina spelling because I love the name Rain but dh pull the dictionary card. We both have a strong connection to water so that spelling wins haha.

    Ok so some of this has helped me take some names down and build a strong "roun two" list. Luna s getting the ax because I keep loving Lumen even more. All the names containing Rose are getting axed. I like Rose but it's too common for me, but it'll go to the mn list. Alba/Alma aka Al is out. Raina is out because as pretty as it is, it couldn't take out many other names. Avelyn is out because it sounds too close to Adeline, which is to close to Madelyn, dh's first cousins name who is our age. Emelyn/Emmeline names are out because I prefer the other two Em options. Huxley is out, dh wasn't over the moon anyways. Fitz names are out, too much going on. I still like Max names so will keep options open. Marlow and Arlo match too much, this thread really helped me notice. Rafferty suffered the same fate as Raina. Emrys has lost its touch, so has Daxton. Phineas is just impossible.

    The name no one noticed that I forgot to add and posted afterwards, Noella shall stay.
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    From your list I really like:
    Girls: Rosalie (my fav name!! ), Ophelia, Emmeline, Arielle, Quincy and Luna (I hate it when people give their dog one of my favourite names haha)
    Boys: Huxley, Lennox (u can nickname him "Nox" ..I also have a friend with a similiar name and I used to hate the Lenny-nickname,but someday I just started calling him Lenny and for some reason didnt mind anymore ha), Griffin (really sounds handsome and is not overused - could be a winner!), Sullivan (nn Sully is so cute!), Arlo, Jetson, Rafferty & Phineas.

    Good luck!!
    - Lucy Marlowe - Abigail Darcy - Everly Eden - Bellamy Lux - Isla Pearl - Ophelia Jayne - Juniper Claire -Zoe Amadea - Aria Lysann

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