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    Curious if/why you disliked your name growing up

    Hi there. We are expecting our third child and are pretty much set on the name if it is a boy. If it is a girl we are leaning towards Florence in honor of a great grandmother. My husband and I both grew up disliking our names for different reasons. Me because it was so common, I was usually one of two or three of us where ever I went- and still am! Him because he has a unisex name with a feminine last name -Lilley- and was mistaken for a girl if not seen in person. My question is: was there a specific reason you disliked your own name, and what have you done differently in naming your own children in response to that. Our son is Joaquin and our daughter is Avalin so you can see we have gone with the road less traveled so far. I just worry Florence is so old-ladyish that there may be some hard feelings there. What do you think????
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    I think Florence will love her name. Really. It's a beautiful choice, and it will be hers -- a part of her. She will make it what she wants to make it. (And I speak as the wearer of a rare and old-ladyish name I love.)
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    Florence is a lovely name, but i worry that its too normal compared to your other kids names.
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    I LOVE Florence, and its great that you're honoring someone special. I don't think its old-ladyish at all.

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    I really like Florence.
    I personally like my name now but when I was little I thought it was annoyingly common. My name is Emily and the only thing I was extremely thankful of was that it was spelled the traditional way. I really hated being Emily J. Florence is a lovely choice.

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