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    Opinion on Orion?

    Hey all! I just found this site today and was wondering about opinions on a name. I don't have a baby on the way or anything but I'm dreaming about having a baby boy to go with my two girls. I heard the name Orion a year or two ago & fell in love with it. I knew if I ever had a boy that would be his name. And it must have been meant to be because my Hubby loves it too. After having two kids with long name struggles between us I thought it was a miracle he agreed on my first choice.

    It fits very well with our outer space loving family. But I have a few different middle name choices that I really like and just wondered what other people thought. I haven't told anybody close to me partly because I'm not even pregnant & partly because I don't want it used by someone I know. So here they are:

    Orion Alexander
    Orion Atlas
    Orion Atticus
    Orion Ara

    I feel like the A names fit the best with the first name and then our last name which begins with a B. My daughter's names are Audriana & Lilian(goes by Lily).

    I'll keep my favorites to myself so I can see what everyone else thinks. Oh, and any other suggestions to go with Orion are definitely welcome.

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    I love Orion! It has such a novel, time-transcendent feeling to me while still retaining a bit of the Ancient Greek charm. It has some religious significance to me, as well, so I love that. I know a kid in high school whose name is Orion--he overcame a lot and he's just a great role model and always wants to do what's right, so I think he makes me love the name even more. For some reason, I always thought his name was Orion Alexander, haha. That's my favorite, but I also like Orion Atticus.

    What about Orion Alistair? I really like that, too.

    My only concern is that whenever I mention the constellation "Orion" people always think I'm saying the name Ryan... would that bother you? I'm so tired of hearing Ryan but I love Orion, so that would bother me quite a bit... It may be something to think about.

    Good luck!
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    Orion is an awesome name. I think I like Orion Alexander the best. Orion Atlas would be my second choice. Atticus, I just dislike in general, and Ara I think is too many vowel sounds when paired with Orion. Maybe Archer? Orion was a hunter after all.

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    I think it works! Orion Alexander is my favorite combination -- Atlas, Atticus and Ara are all quite a lot of classical imagery to pile on top of Orion.
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    I really love Orion Atlas. Orion Alexander would probably be a close second.

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