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    I see with the West and Wilder being too play-on-words... Wilder is number 1 on our list if this LO had been a boy! (stashed in my back pocket for the next ones, Lord-willing!)

    I like Rafferty and Hawthorne both! Rafferty is spunky and fun and Hawthorne is more sophisticated with cool nn potential too.

    What about.....

    Lincoln Knox Polk
    Bronte Knox Polk
    Rockwell Knox Polk
    Cassius Knox Polk
    Ramsey Knox Polk

    Happy naming!!

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    I love Hawthorne/Hawk! How about- Cormac, August, Wyatt, Warner or Beckett?

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    I really like Hawthorne, Caspar, and Rafferty. Some of the other R- names I find a little difficult to say with West (West and Rigby sort of makes me want to say Rest and Wigby, haha). I think Jocelyn is pretty decidedly a girl's name now, and I don't really care for Marcomir (esp. since you already have one unusual M- name that you use and another M- name that you don't). I liked the suggestion of Cassius!

    With West and Mazarine, I'd say:
    Cabot/Cabott/Cabbott Knox Polk (Bo/Beau, Cab, Abe)
    Julian Knox Polk (Jules, Lee, Jax (thanks to Knox))
    Solomon Knox Polk (Sol, Sully)
    Lionel Knox Polk (Lion, Eli)
    Everett Knox Polk (Ever, Rhett, Rev, Rex (with Knox))
    Barnaby Knox Polk (Barnes, Abe)
    Fitzwilliam Knox Polk (leaves room for Wills if you want it, but Fitz, Fritz, Liam, Fox work, too)
    Tristam Knox Polk

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